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... a lovely Worlds thank you from Vancouver's Doug Honey:
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From: Doug Honey
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 2:03 PM
Subject: What a great Wayfarer Worlds

Hello everyone from Surrey, BC!

I wanted to send out my deepest thanks and gratitude to everyone that has made our trip out to Toronto and the worlds such an amazing event for Becky and I.

From the moment of our arrival, to the time we left we felt very welcomed, and taken care of. The work and preparation that everyone contributed long before our arrival was nothing short of amazing as well.

On the last day of the event we placed twenty sixth, our best of the Regatta. It was a thrill to be up with the top half of the fleet, and to sail to the ability that I know that we are capable of ( I'm sure we could do better!)

Thank you Uncle Al, for your tireless organization and logistical work.

Thank you to Alan and Paul for picking us up and dropping us off and all the racing and rigging tips and trips to the chandlery and racing stories. We still owe you both dinner!

Big Thanks to Knox Ritchie for the use of his beauty of a boat "No Dozer". If you don't know we had a rudder problem at the start of Friday's race and had to retire from both races. I have ordered and paid for new rudder head fittings that they tell me would be in by the middle of this week. We raced Saturday's race with a borrowed rudder. I ordered the Holt-Allen pintle and gudgeon assembly from "the store" which is quite close to the west of the Port Credit Yacht club. I'm sorry that they did not have them in stock so I could  install them and have your boat in tip top shape for you. The installation should go quite quickly as they are merely screwed in to the rudder head. We did install a windex mast-head fly on the top of your mast (taped on) and have left it for you as a small token of our gratitude. I have also spoken to your co-worker and crew Ian about all of this and he has the information as well, please pass on a warm thank you to Ian as well. What a great guy.

I feel it was a privilege to spend a week with so many wonderful people who were so giving of there time, energy and resources. This event would have never been possible without all of you. It was a truly memorable experience and is a highlight of my many years of sailing.

Please forward this on to all the people I have missed as I don't have an email address for all.

in closing I would like to say:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Yours very truly and best Wayfarer wishes.

Doug Honey
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From: Jensen, Søren (DK - Copenhagen)
To: Al Schonborn
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 4:15 AM
Subject: Mange tak for sidst

Hi Al

Many thanks for a fantastic time in Canada!

And thanks for everything you did for us!

Hils din søde kone mange gange.

Mange hilsener


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From: Stephan Nandrup Bus
To: Al Schonborn
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 3:59 PM
Subject: Novo pics and Worlds

Dear Al,
Thank you so much     and thank you so much for a great organized WM.
I hope you will be here before 3 years to the WM in DK. Tell me if there is anything I can do for you.

I am now going to order a new hull from Porter as I have sold my own.
All the best,
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From: Jesper Friis
To: Al Schonborn
Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2004 6:17 AM
Subject: W-Worlds 2004

Hi Al & Julia,

Thank you for a splendid week in Toronto. We are still rather surprised with our good result. Thank you for all the work all of you did to make this great event as perfect as it was. We had a nice trip back. However, the check-in people in Toronto Airport made life a little difficult for us when they at first denied us to have the sails with us and later made it possible if we agreed to pay 175 CAD. This we now have handed over to our travel agent to sort out.

This weekend we have the open Sjællandsmesterskab in Farum. I am not able to participate as I have to go to a 60 years birthday, but Søren & Annette will be there and do their best I am sure.

I look forward to see if some good pictures from onshore will show up on your website.

I will be in touch soon again.

Love to all,

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From: Ralph Roberts
To: Al Schonborn
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 11:40 PM
Subject: Worlds

Hi Al

Congratulations on your 8th place at the Worlds... I do hope PCYC and MSC and all the people involved in the organisation of the event received everyone's thanks and appreciation. I certainly thought the people involved couldn't have been more helpful and hospitable.
I got home without any delays or difficulties, although I was approached by an airline rep in the check-in queue and asked if I was travelling on my own. To which my immediate reply was: I'm not going to be bumped off this flight as well, am I? I was bumped off the flight over, and if I am going to be bumped off this flight as well, I am going to be really happy - (with suitable element of sarcasm)!!! For some reason the rep backed away very quickly! ...
Very many thanks to both you and Julia for putting me up in Toronto and looking after me so kindly; it was very much appreciated. Hopefully I will be able to do the same for you both at some point in the future.

My best wishes,

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From: Morris Metcalf
To: Al Schonborn
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 8:14 PM
Subject: Worlds


I guess I missed a great experience. Sure looks like it was a spectacular time. I am curious if anyone took notice of which boats were using what sails and which boats were wood or glass.  I suspect most of the top boats were wood.
Morris Metcalf
W10245 Crewless in Ga.
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From: keith haill
To: uncle-al@cogeco.ca
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 4:26 PM
Subject: Worlds & Wayfarer 882

Hello Al:

Good to see you at the World's. Nice work on breaking into the top ten. My brother was kind enough on the day I sailed with him [Thursday] to let me drive the last race. Things were going good, we were up near the front at the first mark and got the spinnaker going with a nice plane taking us down to the leeward mark. All smiles and chuckles till we did the jibe and the spinnaker went all funky on us and I took him for his first swim with his new Wayfarer. The board was glass and was letting out great sounds of protest as we stood watching the parade go by. I lost my hat, my brother his water bottle, but got to keep his sunglasses, and I was left with a little pride. We got it all back together and finished the race.

I am writing also to tell you that I am taking my boat off the market. It is coming with me to Nova Scotia. I'll be moving to a house on the Lahave River Bridgewater, which  is short sail to the ocean and a whole bunch of islands to play around in/on.

I thank you for all you have done  for me and the Wayfarer class.


Keith  Haill
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To: uncle-al@cogeco.ca ; wayfarer.worlds@sympatico.ca ; Michael and Darlene Codd ; george.blanchard@sympatico.ca
Cc: william.fyfe@sympatico.ca
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 5:00 PM

Al, John, Mike, George

Just a note to thank you all and the Wayfarer Worlds Organizing Committee and volunteers for a most fantastic week of sailing.  The event was more than well organized, the races superbly managed, the venue tremendous (special thanks to Bill Taylor for that last and envied front row spot at MSC), and nature kind enough to provide a good spectrum of light through heavy air and water conditions to test the sailing. 

I learned a great deal about sailing my Wayfarer and am very glad I made the trip .... especially as Lake Ontario is warmer than Lake Superior for swimming.  We greatly enjoyed meeting other Wayfarer sailors and can't say enough about the friendliness and willing help of all those involved.  It also seemed fortuitous that those of us somewhat distant from the S. Ont Wayfarer heartland and with small fleets i.e.., Fredericton, North Bay, Thunder Bay, Charlotte, and Vancouver seemed to meet and hook up.  It was nice to encounter those 'familiar' from the web-site regatta photos, and the early PCYC home for the boat was a great introduction to those from overseas! 

Thanks to Mike, George, Bill, and Sid for their help and accommodation with travel and measurement difficulties.  And particular thanks to John for allowing me a crew alteration to sail a day with my brother prior to his departure from Toronto for Nova Scotia.  We won't forget that three-sail wipe-out for some time!  I also thank you Al for your help and early encouragement to attend the Worlds despite only having my boat since last September and having never raced it against a Wayfarer before.  The downwind leg of the practice race was in fact the inaugural spinnaker hoist on water.  Needless to say there is room for improvement, but the goal of not being last was met.  

I look forward to future opportunities to sail again with boats with a W on the sails and will start bugging a Danish friend for language lessons.

Much thanks and appreciation for all the hard work

Andrew Haill   /   Julie Colbourn
W9657  Njord
Thunder Bay, Ontario

PS   If I may offer a suggestion, it occurred to me part way through the week that asking some of the top sailors to do say a brief 15-min talk after the days awards on a topic of their choice ....compass use, picking the correct side of the course, sail trim, spinnaker handling, whatever.... would produce 4 or 5 great learning opportunities and be a real help to those of us filling out the bottom of the fleet.   Although this is possibly unusual at a 'World Championship' level, the reality is that not all are at that level, and adding an educational aspect to a regatta would seem a great addition to the beer at the bar discussions and a means to strengthen and bond the Wayfarer community.

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From: PBDGG@aol.com
To: uncle-al@cogeco.ca
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2004 10:08 PM
Subject: Whiffle, etc.

Hi Uncle Al:
Greetings from Winterpeg - seems we are famous (infamous) for our cool summer weather - actually had some snow recorded a couple of days ago.
... It was good to finally get to meet yourself and some others that I have corresponded with.  What a super group of people! We all had (and I cannot overstress this) a great time and I don't think it'll be too much trouble to pry my wife away once a year to head out to a couple of regattas in your neck of the woods.
I took nearly 500 pictures while there so I do have some to contribute - I won't bother with anything that relates to Bob Thayers superb photos but I do have some on shore socializing type pics, some awards dinner pics, some pre race launching, and some photos of the fleet in the calm waters of the last day of the race.  I'll send them over the next while.
Whiffle (Worlds Fodder)
Thanks also for the reports - enough for a single Worlds Whiffle on its own  (I figured it would).  I am doing something a little different - blending the "how we fared" with the race results and a small photo of each boat in action.  It looks pretty slick and provides a synopsis of each teams regatta in one location - what do you think?
I will also write a small piece on my observations as a first timer to such a Wayfarer event.
Good luck with restructuring the websites.  Sounds like a big chunk of work and thanks for your efforts for building and maintaining these sites - Wayfarers really do owe you a debt of gratitude for what you have done.
Cheers Al...

Paul Robinson  
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From: "Gordon" <Gordon@boundaryhouse.demon.co.uk>
To: John & Dolores de Boer
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2004 10:34 AM
Subject: Wayfarer Worlds

Dear John and Dolores,

It was a great pleasure meeting you both at Port Credit. You did much to make our stay an enjoyable one, and the giving of  your expertise in so many areas to do with running a mobile home was very welcome. Your delicious wine did not last long, but we have kept the label - it was, after all, a very special year!

We had a lovely time exploring the Rockies, and we are sad that it has come to an end. Nicky and I are reviewing the many photographs we took on our holiday which we are about to print as a reminder of a wonderful vacation.

Should you ever venture to the UK be sure to give us a call; our part of England is no more mountainous than Holland, but we do have other attractions.

Our best wishes to you both.

Gordon, Nicky and Emma Harris

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From: Tony Hunt
To: wayfarer.worlds@sympatico.ca
Cc: Rob Wierdsma ; uncle-al@cogeco.ca
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 7:27 AM
Subject: Belated Thanks

A bit late, but the fact I'm writing now shows I must mean it, right?
I want to say just what a fantastic choice of souvenir the CD of pics from the regatta was. It's great to have photos not only of ourselves but also of our rivals; a slide show brings the whole regatta flooding back.
And very many thanks for the whole organisation of a marvellous event; I still haven't worked out how you arranged the perfectly-varied weather though...
Tony Hunt
'Just the crew' on W.10201  
From: BLamb2410@aol.com
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 13:42:44 EDT
Subject: Wayfarer Worlds
To: robert.wierdsma@bartonbishop.com


       We stayed in Canada for another two weeks after the Worlds, so now we're back to the usual life of work and hassle! Our tour of Ontario was very interesting and we wished we had had more time and equipment to explore a bit more of the northern areas - as well as a bit more money!!
       Many thanks for all the work and help you and your fellow-sailors gave towards ensuring that the event was both memorable and enjoyable. We all have had a great time and have really appreciated the friendship shown to us throughout our stay in Canada (well, maybe not the expensive beer at the Port Credit YC bar!!)
       Hope you continue to enjoy an excellent sailing season - maybe see you again at the next Worlds in Europe?


Brian, Bobbie and Tony
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To: Al Schonborn
Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 1:56 PM
Subject: an idea for the 2007 Worlds
Hi Al
Thanks for the note... it was nice to also meet you ... if there is a regret from the Worlds it was that time to hang around the bar to chat with people was significantly minimized by family commitments (also very important) that took care of most post-sailing hours.  As for the letter of 'thanks' - you are welcome... the week of sailing was a terrific experience.
The concept behind the 15-minute talk idea was to provide a bit of an educational component to a regatta by asking a number of the top of fleet sailors (not just the day's winner) to talk to the bottom of fleet sailors about any topic.... the initial thought was not so much how the day was handled (although that would also be interesting) but more general aspects -- picking windshifts, assessing the course, using a compass, particulars of sail trim, spinnaker handling, starts, tactics, etc., as these skills come immediately to mind as ones that clearly separate top from bottom.   I'm sure most top sailors would be willing and could chat and answer questions about their chosen topic for 15 minutes with little preparation required.   Following the awards seemed a convenient time and gathering of people and could of course be followed up with a beer or two.  I think it would be a great way to pass on knowledge and experience to assist the bottom of the fleet, and would create introductions and familiarity amongst Wayfarer sailors.
I took my Wayfarer for its first overnight cruise last weekend on Dog Lake (a rather largish and mostly uninhabited lake north of the city).  Despite having seakayaked /canoed /camped for years it still was rather neat and different to anchor my own boat in a little cove and sleep in it.  Only had a tarp over the boom for a 'tent' so fortunately it wasn't really tested by the weather, but getting up and sailing again the next morning was fun... even though the wind switched overnight and so required tacking both outbound and inbound.  Bigger and better things for next year.... and a real tent.
In a somewhat similar vein I've had preliminary emails with Paul Robinson in Winnipeg about pulling together a NW Ont/ Manitoba/ Minn Wayfarer gathering for next summer, with the suggestion that Lake of the Woods would be a great cruising area and geographically somewhat midway.  More details when they get decided over the winter (I'd welcome any advice you could offer), and if we can make this happen, an invite of course to come up and sail some northern waters...

Andrew Haill
Thunder Bay
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