2004 AEC Wayfarer Worlds
on shore at PCYC: the Banquet
Paul Robinson photos

John Weakley (l)  and Jim Wilkinson organize the festivities and ...

... the trophies.

Patiently awaiting ...

... the start of ...

... dinner.

This looks like a table that could get rowdy! Unlike ...

... this well behaved group.

Jane Porter, off on a "mission of mercy", to the bar? Ian likely needs a drink or two after spending all afternoon
loading W's into containers instead of just basking in the glow of victory.


sailing stories being exchanged?

Alan Bell (l) and Gordon Reid replay some of the action.

Heider and his wife get a visit from George.

a happy - if tired - table of TSCCers

The sun sets and dinner nears.
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photos from on shore
on shore with Richard Johnson
on shore with Gord Leachman
at PCYC with John de Boer and Dave Hansman
at PCYC with Liz Feibusch and Tony Hunt
on shore with Uncle Al - 1
on shore with Uncle Al - 2
caricatures with Diane Zaremba (W440)
Saturday's Banquet
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one group's aftermath
a few pics of the champion boat's layout
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at PCYC with Geoff Lepper - 1
at PCYC with Geoff Lepper - 2
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Wayfarer Worlds XII: as Paul Robinson captured them:
Thursday's racing - 1
Thursday's racing - 2
Friday night was caricature night
leaving MSC for Saturday's final race
the Banquet