2004 AEC Wayfarer Worlds
Thursday's sailing - 2
Paul Robinson photos

The day's races were all windward-leewards: (l to r) Graham Barker, Roger Shepherd,
Roger Challis, Chris Purtle, Nick Seraphinoff, Andrew Gumley and Jay Colville (for full-size pic, click here)

Approaching the gate: (l to r) Guy Hacon, Alan Chaplin, Michael McKechnie, Graham Barker (8888).

(l to r)  Jay Colville, Steve Carroll, Brian Jeffs in front of John Dowling, Peter Ayres, Dwight Aplevich, Alan Simpkins, Stephan Nandrup-Bus in front of Andrew Haill, Ed Gillespie, Richard Johnson, Reg Bunt, Hans Gottschling, Paul Laderoute (for full-size pic, click here)

(l to r) Roger Shepherd, Roger Challis in front of Anne Armstrong, Kevin Pegler, Liz Feibusch
in front of Thomas Vendely (and Søren Jensen?), Heider Funck, Stewart Reed


(l to r)  Alan Chaplin, Steve Carroll, Bob Kennedy, Roger Shepherd in front of Mark Taylor, Brian Jeffs in front of Brian Mills, Andrew Haill in front of Alan Simpkins, Roger Challis in front of Heider Funck and Al Schonborn (red spi in front of Reg Bunt), Ed Gillespie (for full-size pic, click here)

(l to r) Alastair Ryder-Turner (10137), Hans Gottschling in front of Peter Kozak and Mike O'Malley, Heider Funck, Al Schonborn in front of Nick Seraphinoff, Dwight Aplevich

(l to r)  Michael McKechnie in front of Alan Bell (spi), Andrew Gumley, Brian Lamb in front of Toby Mace (beating), Dave Hansman, Guy Hacon, Mike Codd in front of Thomas Vendely and Stewart Reed (for full-size pic, click here)
A few moments later: (l to r) Alastair Ryder-Turner in front of Doug Honey (spi), Stewart Reed in front of ???, Kit Wallace (closehauled on port) behind John Dowling (spi), Brian Lamb (10201), Ted Lacelle, Roger Challis (9174) (for full-size pic, click here)

Peter Rahn has the inside track on Mike O'Malley around the right-hand gate mark,
as John de Boer (7351) and Peter Kozak follow close behind.


(l to r) Geoff Edwards, Liz Feibusch, Peter Kozak, Peter Rahn, John de Boer to leeward and astern of Mike O'Malley (551) and Chris Purtle (heeling and luffing up), Mark Taylor (7673), Dwight Aplevich?

The next batch: (l to r) Dave Hansman, Alan Simpkins (4581), Andrew Haill (9657), Stephan Nandrup-Bus (4898)

The second beat: (l to r) Ed Gillespie, Brian Lamb, Andrew Haill, Gordon Harris and Roger Challis

Thomas Vendely (9658), Richard Johnson (10139) and Ed Gillespie battle it out early in beat #2
while John Goudie (r) chomps along well ahead of this trio.


Worlds Treasurer, Jim Wilkinson (2nd from left) made his beautiful yacht available as spectator boat for our Manitoba guests: (l to r) Barbara Robinson, Frank Koreman (helming), ???, Karen Koreman.

Guy Hacon and Daniel Watson wrestle with a late-race puff.

resting in a (rare) lull between races

Already the wind is back - as Alan and Lesley Chaplin can attest.
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