2004 AEC Wayfarer Worlds
the fourth day of racing - 2
photos by Bob Thayer
(note: all of these photos were - in larger size - on the competitors' CD created by Bob)

Neil Fletcher (9644) and Søren Jensen (9355) were also among the leaders as they approached the first mark.

Having crossed Guy Hacon, Gordon Harris (968) gets set to round onto the first reach.

Brian Lamb and Tony Hunt (10201) also set the groundwork for a fine result
by reaching the windward mark in great form and among the leaders.
A lot of us - including Brian Mills (closest to camera) and Roger Shepherd (7700) - overlaid the first mark.
Some of us - including John Goudie (9812) - overlaid the mark more than most in this race.
Meanwhile, the Americans are finally heard from as Nick Seraphinoff and Joe Blackmore in 864 (far left) finally have the kind of first beat they are capable of! Also among the top few boats onto the first reach are Mark and Paul Taylor (7673) who continue to sail extremely well. So far, only Ian has popped the chute (not visible off to leeward) as even the other top contenders such as Gord Harris (968) and Toby Mace (behind Nick's jib) are giving the matter some thought.

Toby Mace is now flying his red spinnaker and pulling away from the others in this photo: (l to r) Brian Lamb to leeward and ahead of Steve Carroll in 6066 who has completed on of his best first beats, Nick S (864), Mark T (7673), Brian Mills off John Goudie's bow (9812) and Ted and Wendy Gadd in Wild Billy (7699).

Heider Funck and Tom Wharton reach the windward mark in the wind shadow of Windshadow
(Andrew and Nigel Gumley, 4610) but oddly enough, they don't seem to be suffering much!

(l to r) Reg Bunt, Dwight Aplevich, Uncle Al, John de Boer, Kit Wallace, Keith Haill behind Mike O'Malley, Ed Gillespie. Although near the end of the fleet here, Mike O'Malley and Justin Denny will recover brilliantly to finish 10th, their best result of the series. And I do believe that this was the race in which Marc and I decided we had earned the right to bang our first corner of the series. The right corner was the wrong one and we rounded out of the top 40 or so again - our 6th time in 8 races! Marc and I did have a nice exciting plane to the gybe mark where we - like many others - doused the chute. John Hartley, who rounded inside us, gybed his spi and had a few hairy moments on the following relatively close reach, but fought off the nastiest of the gusts and gained a few hundred yards on us. In retrospect, we should have kept the spi up!


Keith and Andrew Haill (r) get set to round off the first beat. Brother Keith was making a guest appearance on this day with Andrew who let him helm the second race. Close behind is Kit Wallace (1037) ahead of Bob Kennedy (3571) and Ed Gillespie, while George Blanchard slogs along on port tack.

While Alan Bell and Gordon Reid start to plane around the mark, Alan Simpkins and Paul Earley are on the layline just under Alan's boom. Not a good first leg for Peter Rahn (286) who went even further into the right corner than Uncle Al! Others from left to right are: Dwight A, John D, Reg B, Richard J, John de B, Paul L, Bob K?, George (on port), Jeff Cox and Chris Purtle.

(l to r) Doug N, Geoff E, Dwight, Reg, John D, Peter R (closest to the camera), John de Boer (7351)

John and Dolores de Boer (7351) come up at full speed from to leeward of Liz Feibusch and Frances Lilley (10000). Others from left to right are: Thomas Vendely behind Kevin Pegler, Dwight (4606) in front of Doug and Reg, Chris Purtle behind Bob K, and Ed and Winnie G.

Peter Kozak and Annelies Groen bear away and start to plane off the bow of One for the Road (Alan and Lesley Chaplin).

Now it's Alan and Lesley's turn to plane away while Ed and Winnie Gillespie (r) ...
... get a lull on the layline.

The wind has veered and Kevin and Shirley Pegler in Wildwood pass the mark on a broad reach, pursued by (l to r) Geoff E, Richard J, Anne and Gary Armstrong, and George on Red Top.

Richard Johnson and Michele Parish round the mark at full throttle, closely followed by George.

As Andrew and Nigel Gumley plane down the second reach in the distance, Thomas Vendely and replacement crew, Steve Szenasi, wisely relax and forego the spinnaker. It was not a good day to teach your crew how to fly the spinnaker!

Also satisfied with the power they're getting from just two sails are Geoff Edwards (9483)
and Kevin Pegler just visible to the right of Richard Johnson's mast. After all, too much power can ...

... lead to this. John Goudie has taken an in-depth reading of Lake Ontario's water temperatures
which on this day were relatively benign!
In the end, it was Ian Porter and Kevan Gibb adding an exclamation mark to their Wayfarer Worlds victory with yet another first - largely due to their great boat handling on the tough spinnaker reaches. Upwind, they were as baffled as the next guy by the seemingly random shifts produced by Lake Ontario this week. As the Waldringfield report pointed out: "However Fletcher/Edwards and team Harris correctly chose the left of the second beat to pull ahead of Mace/Rhodes, the boats finishing in that order. On the third and final beat Fletcher/Edwards nearly managed to overhaul Porter/Gibb but were more concerned about protecting for position against Harris and Mace, and let Porter keep the lead in order to maintain cover on the following two boats. Meanwhile team Barker ditched twice but somehow still managed to finish in 11th place." So, it was Neil Fletcher and Chas Edwards scoring their best series finish, ahead of WSC clubmates, Gordon Harris and Toby Mace, which left all three of these crews in position to take the series runner-up spot with suitable results in the final race scheduled for Saturday.
5th place went to Jay Colville ahead of Søren Jensen. A sparkling 7th for Brian Lamb and Tony Hunt, which was matched when locals, Mark and Paul Taylor were given redress: the 7th they were holding on starboard on the run when Mike O'Malley to windward, gybed and tried to cut behind the Taylors. Mike managed to miss the boat but took the ruder off W7673. This 7th kept the Taylors' late-series hot streak going. (Apparently) moved down to 9th after the Taylors' redress was Stewart Reed while Mike O'Malley got his previously mentioned series best 10th.
An amazing recovery from two capsizes for Graham and Robin Barker to finish 11th ahead of Ted Gadd, and keep alive their hopes for series 5th with one race to go. Heider Funck scored a solid 13th ahead of fellow-Canadians, Roger Shepherd and Joanne Kumpf whose 14th was their best result. And it was a series best 15th for Detroit's Nick Seraphinoff and Joe Blackmore who finally had a good first beat and kept it going from there!
Other race 8 series bests not already mentioned were recorded by:
  • Steve Carroll and John Attwell (18th)
  • Peter and Jonathan Ayres (25th)
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