2004 AEC Wayfarer Worlds
the second day of racing - 2
photos by Bob Thayer
(note: all of these photos were - in larger size - on the competitors' CD created by Bob)
Jeff (r) and Barry Cox (red spi) battle it out with Geoff Edwards and George Waller (r) down the run while poor Alan Bell is spinnaker-less due to a breakdown but Gordon Reid still gives it his all, holding the jib out by hand.
While (l to r) Mike O'Malley, Stewart Reed (behind 3571) and Neil Fletcher (behind 9658) proceed on port up the final beat, the unfortunate Mr. Bell is now threatened by (l to r) Andrew Haill with Julie Colbourn, Bob Kennedy, Richard Johnson and Thomas Vendely.
Thomas makes his move on Richard. Meanwhile the excitement mounts on the final beat: (l to r) Guy Hacon, Stewart Reed, Kit Wallace, Neil Fletcher and, about to be blocked from view by Richard: Uncle Al with Marc Bennett.
Neck and neck among (l to r) Thomas, Richard and Andrew. Roger Challis and Mark Johnston (far left), meanwhile have found happiness on the starboard layline and are on their way to finishing a fine 3rd. On the far right, Toby Mace is converging with Graham Barker - could this be the source of the late-race 720 that Toby had to do?

The final beat: John and Dolores de Boer (r) cross ...

... Brian Lamb and Tony Hunt.

Justin Denny casts a quick glance at the photography boat.

On their way to 19th after rounding among the top few off the first beat are an understandably depressed-looking team of Heider Funck (r) and Tom Wharton.

Jay Colville (l) and Ian Hurley approach the finish line on port while Ted Gadd rolls in on the starboard layline.

At the finish: (l to r) John Goudie, Uncle Al blocked from view by Graham Barker (8888), Jay Colville, Ted Gadd blocked from the camera's view by Toby Mace, Guy Hacon and Stewart Reed. This was a close finish as Ian Porter beat out Hayling Island clubmate, John Hartley with Nick Philp. The it was a pair of Waldringfield boats: Roger Challis and Neil Fletcher crossing 3-4, just ahead of Ted Gadd and Gordon Harris. 7th place went to Conestoga's Paul and Alan Laderoute who had their best race of the series. A(nother) major comeback for Uncle Al and Marc who took 8th and had an interesting battle with Guy Hacon as they came in bow to bow along the starboard layline 200 yards from the finish: Guy (to windward) called for room but was informed by Al that neither boat was "about to round or pass" and that Rule 18 did not yet apply. Al then sailed high of the RC boat and managed to lee bow Guy and pull ahead before diving down to the RC boat (which, in his excitement, he nearly hit - having forgotten the windward-setting current!) Bad luck for Toby Mace who had to do a 720 and had his worst finish of the series, a disgusting 10th!!!! As you can see above, it was very close as Stewart Reed and Robin Albert just lost out to Toby and placed 11th but in turn edged out Jay Colville (12th) and John Goudie (13th). Rounding out the top 15 were Brian Jeffs (14th) and Stephan Nandrup-Bus (15th.)

Kit Wallace (l) and David Weatherston approach the line in fine form.

Alastair and David Ryder-Turner (10137) hold a nice safe-leeward position over Geoff Edwards and George Waller and the former will edge the latter at the finish as both have their best race of the series so far. In the background, Steve Carroll (6066) is just crossing Anne Armstrong while Kevin Pegler is just disappearing behind 9483. Not having their best race ever are Andrew Haill and Doug Honey (r).

Happy to have beaten at least a dozen boats are Dave and Charles Hansman in Banshee.

Kevin and Shirley Pegler in Wildwood look less than thrilled but have to be happier than 10139 ...

... Richard and Michele. But never mind, guys: you are a huge asset to the Wayfarer no matter where you finish on the water!

Bob Kennedy on his way across the line in front of Alan Simpkins.

Chris Purtle and Chris Ryan (3664) lose this port-starboard confrontation with Ed and Winnie Gillespie but will turn the tables at the finish line.
Other race 3 series bests not already mentioned were recorded by:
  • Dwight Aplevich and Al Nichols (22nd)
  • Dave Platt and Ray Scaglione (34th)
  • Ed Morysiak and Karin Fairbairn (53rd)
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