2004 AEC Wayfarer Worlds
on shore
photos by Richard Johnson

View from the Port Credit YC towards Lake Ontario

Our co-host, the Mississauga Sailing Club - complete with classic Uncle Al
ready to face a cool day with a Starbuck's coffee, a smoke and bare feet in Birkenstock sandals.

The Mississauga SC was "home" to those of us who needed to launch from trailers.

Alan Hallwood with that relaxed look of one who has decided not to race this day.

Harbourmaster, Bill Taylor (l) - father of Mark and Paul - was always there to assist us - every day, all day.
Thanks, Bill! Here, David Towill, is present to assist.

Andrew Haill (l) came all the way down from Thunder Bay with crew, Julie Colbourn (r).

Another team that drove 1200+ km. to get here was Wildwood
with Kevin and Shirley Pegler from Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Also rewarded with a prime spot near the gates were Peter Rahn (l) and Shadow, in from Montreal.

Alan Simpkins was the first Wayfarer from Outer Harbour Centreboard Club (Toronto)
to race with us in over 20 years!

Roger Challis' (r) replacement for his broken mast attracts quite the audience ...

... while the Free Range Chick'n from Charlotte, North Carolina - photographer, Richard Johnson's W complete with lovely Gottschling cover and appropriate trailer decoration - rests for the night.

Wine and beer delivery from Lesley Chaplin

As Kevan Gibb signs in on the Notice Board, (l to r) Barbara Robinson, Frank Koreman, John Weakley and Uncle Al pause to get their picture taken.

Søren Jensen (l) and Jesper Friis proudly display their freshly won Worlds shirts behind the Port Credit YC.

The Results Board is always a good spot for serious discussion.

Michelle Parish (l) compares notes with Dolores and John de Boer.

(l to r) Søren, Jesper and Marc Bennett with the two bottles of Danish "medicine" donated to SHADES
- medicine which we had to remove since it contravened the PCYC liquor license.

Diane Zaremba (W440) immortalizes John de Boer.
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