2004 AEC Wayfarer Worlds
the second day of racing - 1
photos by Bob Thayer
(note: all of these photos were - in larger size - on the competitors' CD created by Bob)
My recollection of Wednesday's only race are scant. I recall that John Weakley and his committee had to be patient, testing and re-testing the wind direction for about two hours before we finally got off for the day's only race - an Olympic triangle course - around 1 p.m. As far as I can tell from the dates on Bob Thayer's files, these photos are from Wednesday, but I will gratefully and graciously accept corrections from any of you who can assist.
Before the race: Gordon Harris tunes Spinaway for the upcoming beat, while ...
... John Goudie and Suzanne Hall do likewise.
A good view of Ian Porter and Kevan Gibb's upwind trim.
Neil Fletcher (r) and Chas Edwards deal with a lull.
We have no coverage of the start or of the first beat as far as I can tell. I do remember that twice, we got very good starts at the favoured RC boat end - both general recalls. During the first of those, I can smilingly recall sweet Rachael Rhodes using the F... word in a spirited attempt to give a crash course on the Rules about barging to one of our rookie racers. After two risky but nearly perfect starts that were recalled, Marc and I decided we should not press our luck a third time. So we went for a mid-line start which was less than perfect and of course, this time, there was no recall! We were soon buried but were still refusing to bang any corners. I can't tell you which of the many boats ahead of us at the windward mark rounded in the lead. Fortunately, I have as a resource, the report sent back to Waldringfield SC by Toby and Neil: Challis and Johnston again hit a corner and again were first to the windward mark.
Also among the leaders to the windward mark after a late 20° veer had benefitted the boats having gone right, were Graham and Robin Barker, ...
... Toby Mace with Rachael, and Gordon Harris.
Also in the top 10 at the windward mark were Paul and Alan Laderoute, Ted and Wendy Gadd (7699), Peter and Alex Rahn (286) and Neil Fletcher (9644). At the far right, you can see Uncle Al's "leprosy" mast. He and Marc had seen the lifted starboard tack leaders and went hard right near the end of the leg to round in the giddying heights of the top 20!
From the looks of concentration on the faces of Jay Colville (l) and Ian Hurley, I have guessed that this was taken while they were racing, perhaps approaching the windward mark on a reach after the veer.
Brian Jeffs (l) and Scott Bamford bear away for the first reach.
Hans and Pedro coming in along the layline in the background.

The 70° angle at the gybe mark gave us a pair of nice, reasonably close reaches. l to r: George Blanchard, Doug Honey with Becky Robson, Hans Gottschling, Geoff Edwards, Dave Hansman, John de Boer?, Alan Bell, Ted Lacelle

l to r: Doug Honey, Kevin and Shirley Pegler, Alan Simpkins and Andrew Haill behind Chris Purtle (3664), Geoff Edwards, Ed Morysiak behind Alan Bell, Ed Gillespie, Richard Johnson behind Hans Gottschling, Anne Armstrong

Reg and Christopher Bunt fight off Alan Bell (l) and Richard Johnson.

Alan Simpkins and Paul Earley
Nearing the gybe mark: If this picture does not lie, Michael McKechnie and Simon Turner (10377) are currently obligated to give room/water to not only the Taylors (7673) but to John de Boer (hidden behind the Taylors) and Doug Netherton (1366) because all four of these boats are overlapped: the latter two are overlapped with 10377 because "an intervening boat" (7673) "overlaps both of them". Michael is looking hopefully at the overlap situation but even if he breaks the overlap just before he becomes "about to round" he will have to beware of Rule 18.2(e) which, in part, says: "If there is reasonable doubt that a boat obtained or broke an overlap in time, it shall be presumed that she did not."
Seconds later: John de Boer (r) and the others have broken the overlap (or the angle from the photography boat has changed!) Doug (1366) will likely be entitled to room from John Dowling (8322) and Roger (7700) will have to wait until they're done. Identifiable boats already on the second reach are (l to r) Peter Rahn, Jay Colville (pink spi), Heider, Kit and Uncle Al (who is the only one sailing the rhumb line to the next mark which is just to the left of his bow).

Spinnaker boats left to right: Dave Platt with Lou Scaglione, Doug, Mark Taylor, Mike O'Malley and John de Boer in front of Liz Feibusch (10000), Peter Rahn, Brian Jeffs in front of John Dowling (8322), Guy Hacon and Roger Shepherd in front of Peter Ayres (1191), Alan Chaplin and Brian Mills. Leaders already on the their way up the second beat are: (l to r) Toby in front of 7218, Neil, Ted Gadd who has just tacked to starboard, Stewart Reed, Gordon Harris in front of 1366 and Paul and Alan Laderoute on their way to their best finish of the series, a 7th.
Spinnaker boats left to right: Doug Netherton, John Dowling, Liz Feibusch, Mark Taylor, Roger Shepherd and John de Boer in front of Brian Mills (4675), Mike O'Malley in front of Peter Kozak (300). Continuing towards the right side up the second beat are Gordon Harris (far left) and Peter Rahn (far right) while (l to r) Paul Laderoute, Neil Fletcher and Ted Gadd are approaching the spinnakers on starboard.

Søren and Jesper complete the second reach just ahead of (l to r) Richard Johnson, Kevin Pegler, Thomas Vendely, Bob Kennedy and Andrew Gumley.
Bob (r) and Scott Kennedy enjoy a relaxing run while Ted Gadd on port has just crossed Paul Laderoute and Graham Barker who in turn are crossing Neil Fletcher.
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