Uncle Al’s On-Line Rules Quiz for the year 2013
(last updated: 3 Jan 2013 -  all Cases updated for 2013)

This is a new, expanded version of the quiz which appeared in 1997 in the Canadian Wayfarer Association news, the Whiffle . It will be sub-divided according to where – on a typical buoys to port triangular course – these hypothetical situations might arise. Assume that fouls caused no damage unless otherwise stated. You can click on any cell in the table below to pick a part of the race you’d like to work with. Each situation will have its own page plus a parallel page that contains my answer. Your disagreements are welcomed!
Pretend you are the protest committee and decide the following for each situation:
What Rules apply?
Who – if anyone - is in the right in each of the situations?
If there are any situations which you have run into or by which you are just simply puzzled, don't hesitate to send them to me, and I will add them to this quiz.
Special thanks to Dave Dellenbaugh, Speed & Smarts editor, who kindly gave me permission to scan some of his artwork, e.g. the drawings of the boats on the various points of sail, for use in illustrating the various cases I've come up with.
Update for the RRS 2013 through 2016: All the cases below are now updated for the new RRS. If you find anything that, in your opinion, still needs correcting, please let me know. Regards, Uncle Al

Rules Quiz Contents

Before and at the Start
Case 1: racing meets not racing
Case 2: paddling before the start
Case 3: foul after start sequence begins
Case 4: 720 for pre-start foul
Case 5: RC timing error
Case 6: proper course after start signal
Case 7: proper course after start signal
Case 8: keeping clear
Case 9: port/starboard - 1
Case 10: port/starboard - 2
Case 11: port/starboard - 3
Case 12: port/starboard - 4 & collision
Case 13: port/starboard - 5
Case 14: around the end?
Case 15: start sequence after general recall
Case 16: returning after being over early
Case 17: rights for a premature (OCS) starter

the Beat
Case 18: tacking into a right-of-way position
Case 19: tacking into a lee-bow position
Case 20: two boats tacking at the same time
Case 21: avoiding a collision
Case 22: continuing rights for boat that has fouled?
Case 23: windward collides with pinching leeward
Case 24: room to keep clear of a right-of-way boat?
Case 25: Protest Committee runs wild
Case 26: room to pass vs. room to tack

the Windward Mark
Case 27: approaching the mark on opposite tacks
Case 28: approaching the mark on the same tack - 1
Case 29: approaching the mark on the same tack - 2
Case 30: approaching on opposite tacks - course changes
Case 31: tacking around the mark - 1
Case 32: tacking around the mark - 2
Case 33: room to tack?
Case 34: tacking around the mark - 3
Case 34A: tacking at the mark - 4
Case 35: tacking around the mark - 5
Case 36: tacking around the mark - 6

the Reaches
Case 37: leeward luffs windward - 1
Case 38: leeward luffs windward - 2
Case 39: sailing below proper course

the Gybe Mark
Case 40: proper course while entitled to room - 1
Case 41: proper course while entitled to room - 2

the Leeward Mark
Case 42: how much room is enough?
Case 43: disputed overlap - 1
Case 44: disputed overlap - 2

the Run
Case 45: right-of-way alters course - 1
Case 46: right-of-way alters course - 2
Case 47: same tack, proper course - 1
Case 48: port closehauled meets starboard running
Case 49: overtaking boat on opposite tack
Case 50: same tack, proper course - 2
Case 51: same tack, proper course - 3
Case 52: rounding the leeward mark on opposite tacks

the Finish
Case 53: room at a finish mark? - 1
Case 54: RC boat on "wrong" side of mark
Case 55: room at a finish mark? - 2
Case 56: room to tack? - 1
Case 57: room to tack? - 2
Case 58: line not completely crossed

Situations Contributed by Fellow Sailors
Case 60: right-of-way course alteration (contributed by Jens Biskaborn, London, ON)
Case 61: same tack, proper course  (contributed by Jay Wadsworth, San Francisco, CA)
Case 62: room at an RC boat on the start line?  (contributed by Brian Murray, Port Dalhousie, ON)
Case 63: luffing rights?  (contributed by Dave Leonard, Burlington, ON)
Case 64: same tack, proper course  (contributed by Paul Nixon, Nanaimo, BC)
Case 65: same tack, widely divergent course  (contributed by Norm Oleson, Stuart, FL)
Case 66: rounding same mark in opposite directions  (contributed by Ken Grimson, Liverpool, England)
Case 68: room at the mark  (contributed by Ian Farquharson, Toronto, ON)
Case 70: loss of control  (contributed by Todd in B.C.)