Dick Harrington presents an illustrated Log of the
2004 International Rally

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More pictures & stories from the Rally...........................................(photos by Sue & Allan Parry and Margie Harrington)

Skippers meeting is at 09:00 every morning!

We're sailing where and why do I have this hat on when it is about 80 degrees?
Messages from some of our English Wayfarers friends.........
Hi, Margie and Dick,
        The sailing was fantastic - even in slow (non existent ) winds it was fun to chat with whoever was in the boat. The four of us (Brits) took a trip in a Beaver float plane on Saturday, when everyone had left, to have an overview of where we had been sailing - it was amazing (except that I leaned too far out of the open window and had my sunglasses whipped off in the breeze!!! I almost asked the pilot to turn round, land and look for them, but didn't quite have the nerve!!)

        You were great as the leader, Dick, and I was both surprised and glad that you wanted to have Poul's Wayfarer song in the morning meeting. Poul will be so pleased when I tell him. Thank you. (Sue managed to get her guitar back on the plane home by ignoring orders about maximum hand luggage size and just carrying it aboard, Al)
        We gave Don and Trudy a big thank you for lending us their gear and left them with extra gear which I'm not sure they can use, but maybe they can give it to other family members. They are such lovely people and I felt sorry they couldn't have joined us for a day or two.
        Thank you both for all your hard work, wearing the Viking hat in the great heat, coping with visitors from abroad, cooking and sharing your food with said visitors, and even trying to have a quiet birthday!! No such luck!!

All best wishes to you both and thanks once again for such a wonderful week of Wayfaring.
Love, Sue and Allan

Allan & Sue

Parrys leading the Wayfarer Fanfare song.
"Wayfarer - Wayfarer, finest dinghy ever seen!
Wayfarer - weather fair, really makes me feel so keen.
Do wake up from your lazy sleep.
Sail your Wayfarer out on the deep.
Wayfarer - Wayfarer, finest dinghy ever seen!
Opening stanza.  Written by Poul Ammentorp, W239, Denmark
Hi Dick and Margie,
We have just returned after three weeks away!  Thanks for a great week in Parry Sound, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, sailing and meeting so many new friends.  It was very kind of everybody to make us so welcome and to make boats available.  Gill was particularly grateful to be able to sail with Fred and Dennis, she learned a great deal and is now much more confident and giving me loads of hassle to get our boat in the water again!!  What a wonderful sailing area!  It really is beautiful and an excellent choice as far as we were concerned.  We took a trip in the Beaver float plane on Saturday, before leaving, with Sue and Allan and it was fantastic looking down on all the places we had sailed to.  We then had a few days in Algonquin Park canoeing in Cedar lake which was wonderfully wild.  After Sue and Allan went home we spent a couple of days in Toronto and then Niagara and finally Niagara on the Lake where we went in the jet boat up the rapids and got thoroughly soaked!!  Altogether a most memorable holiday in Canada.  We love the pennant and T-shirts as reminders of a great time. Thanks again to you both for all your hard work and if any decent photos emerge we will send some to you.
Gill and Malcolm.

Malcolm & Gill Henderson
Allan, Gill, Malcolm & Sue 

Georgian Bay--a wonder of nature!

This was our home for a week - Lighthouse Point!  (Just above the wing tip where the two boats are.)
Seldom lost for words--Ken Jensen, Sr:
Dear W-friends, Don and Trudy,
Indeed thank you very much for taking such good care of us at your home. A very nice place and area with such a good and charming neighborhood.

We got home without problems and attended a wonderful wedding with more than 70 guests. The ceremony was performed in the big garden of the family's farmhouse, and the very tasty dinner was served in a huge tent with plenty of air and roominess. Just perfect weather.  The day after I returned to Norway.
Just 2 days ago the young married couple joined Ken jr. in his boat, W6141 for a *W-honeymoon-trip* on the Sound between DEN and SWE in lovely weather, but the warm spell is now over...  Junior's PC is out of service for the time being, so photos will be later.
Killbear Park was wonderful and the sailing great. The coast is really similar to the one starting by Gothenborg and all around Norway/Northern Scandinavia past North Cape. Such great company we had there, with some fine sailing and good weather. For 7 days on the water about 5 - 7 hours each day I felt having a real 'baboon bottom' due lack of my closed-cell-fender-cushions (see pict. click on *The Telemark - Skagerack Crs. 2003* www.wayfarerjoller.dk/1348) that are a real comfort to sit on ! [I've still things to learn!!....Dick]  Dick H. also got a Sub.Web.site there www.wayfarerjoller.dk/887 with his pictures from last year.

There was a very fine Ted Davis Trophy ceremony at the "Killbear Restaurant" on 2004 Jul 28 (the day before young Dick H.'s birthday !) and hopefully you now know about Tom Graefe, a real nice guy, who got the trophy. Don, hopefully you also got your gear and especially your hat  back as we promised, when leaving Killbear Park.

Yes, it was a great experience, and Dick did such a lot of work making it become a true success, and also of course, he is now an Hon.Viking with a *proper LB & SB-indicating* horned helmet of his own ! He'll be ready for Vinland now (ref. "West Viking" by Farley Mowat).

Ken Jr. & Ken Sr.
So good to be with you two - all the best with love.  Ken the elder + Co.
A few more pictures......

Kit, Patsy & Rachel Wallace

Nel & Tom Graefe

David Wells & Mike Vossler

Kevin Pegler

Taking ...

... a shore break

The Pancakes

Tim France & Dennis Figley

Mary Abel & Tony Krauss

Lunch at Bay Street Café in Parry Sound (L to R: Ralph, Klas, Tom, Nel, Dick, Robin & Ron)
Half of the group at the Banquet
Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.  Happy sailing!
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