Ron Baker reports on the
2004 International Rally

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Dick & Margie,
What a great week!  Lori, Robin and I had a wonderful time at the International Wayfarer rally at Parry Sound.  We enjoyed meeting and becoming reaquainted with many interesting Wayfarer sailors, and it was a fine experience getting to know our new friends from overseas.  The sailing was great, and we have many memories. 
I remember leaving our boats on the "beach" in Parry Sound and walking into town.  It was interesting arriving by boat in an unfamiliar place.  The enjoyment Robin & I experienced sailing back to Killbear after lunch is hard to describe.  A few days later, we climbed the fire tower above the Museum on Tower Hill.  With the town at our feet, and the Sound beyond the town, we could see the track we followed into the harbor during the sail.  The trip to Regatta Bay is also high on our list of memories.  The wind was perfect on the way out that day, and it was interesting to sail past the Pancakes Island which we had visited earlier in the week.  Lori, Robin and I have strong memories of the water and shoreline as we passed many islands (some very small!) on our way to Franklin.  Later I learned that, according to Indian legend, the islands were formed when a great Indian hunting spirit smacked a stone beaver with a club.  The fragments flew apart and became the islands.
Many more memories - the Hole in the Wall, group singalongs, skippers meetings, and swimming behind the boat somewhere between Horse and Passage Islands are but a few.  We recognize the time and effort required in bringing the rally together.  Everyone played an important part, but we want to express our special appreciation to you for leading the way.
We look forward to meeting everyone again next time.
Ron, Lori & Robin Baker
W7356 Pegasus
Parry Sound harbor taken from the firetower on Tower Hill in the town of Parry Sound.  The inner harbor to the left, the Sound in the right foreground, and Killbear penninsula on the horizon.
André & Monique Girard on the way to the "Hole in the Wall" on Sunday. 
Running toward the "Hole in the Wall" from the southwest on Sunday.
Tony Krauss and Mary Abel directly ahead on the right.
Heading north with Huckleberry Island to the left on Sunday.
Left to right: Tony Krauss & Mary Abel, the Wallaces, the Peglerss, and the Girards(?).
Ralph Roberts (helm) and Dennis Figley zip past us on Sunday with Green Island in the background.
Robin Baker and Ralph Roberts on the Pancakes on Monday.  After circumnavigating the island and leaving the boat at a jetty (Ralph's term), here we are just before catching up to the others for lunch.  It was great to have Ralph join us for the day.  We enjoyed his company and benefitted from his vast cruising experience in many ways.
Pancake Island on Monday.  Left to right: Alan Asselstine, Tom Graefe, Nel Graefe, Mike Vossler, Tim France, David Welles (back), Gill Henderson, Fred Black, Malcolm Henderson, Allan Parry, Ralph Roberts, Robin Baker (front), Tony Krauss, Mary Abel, André Girard, Barry Hitchcock, Ken Jensen Sr., Dick Harrington, Margie Harrington, Ron Baker behind the camera.
Mary Abel & Tony Krauss at our group dinner in the restaurant at the Killbear Yacht Club Wednesday evening.
Left to right, Robin Baker, Lori Baker, Tom Graefe, Nel Graefe, and Bill Harkins.
Ken Jensen Jr & Ken Jensen Sr at the group dinner Wednesday evening.
Ralph Roberts & Robin Baker
Allan Parry (second from left) and Sue Parry (guitar) led our group singalongs in the evenings.  It was a great way to relax after sailing.  The songbooks Sue prepared for us contained many favorites as well as some new ones.  Long after the rally, I sometimes find myself humming Ken Jensen Sr's favorite "I'm sailing...We're sailing...".  Here we are practicing at the Thursday morning skippers meeting.
Allan & Sue Parry
Robin Baker (left), Ralph Roberts, and Lori Baker listen to Dick Harrington and Tim France
discuss the plans for Thursday's sail to Regatta Bay on Franklin Island.

Robin practices her man overboard skills.  Being towed by the boat for a while was fun.
Tiny Passage Island in the near distance.
Robin Baker & Ken Jensen Jr. shared the helm on Friday.  Lori & I crewed as we headed into the Hole in the Wall.  Ken was a wonderful sailing companion.  We enjoyed his good natured wit and humor very much.  And we benefited from his many years of sailing experience.
Friday evening at Gilly's restaurant in Snug Harbor.
Left to right, Ken Jensen Jr, Margie Harrington, Dick Harrington, and Ken Jensen Sr.
Also at Gilly's, Mary Abel, Tony Krauss, Mike Vossler.
Heading home... 

Robin & Lori
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