Dick Harrington reports on the
2004 International Rally

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Dear Friends,
We expect, except for possibly one or two of you, that everyone is once again back home.  The wonderful days of sailing on beautiful Georgian Bay are now just sweet memories to be cherished.  For Dick & Margie there are no more 09:00 Skippers meetings filled with the anticipation of seeking new adventure.  Instead we are occupied shaking out the remnants of Killbear sand buried deep in clothing and camping gear.  Blue Mist has logged more glorious miles under her keel, yet is none the worse for her efforts. 
If it wasn't for the crack on the jaw Margie received from Blue Mist's boom, I think our favorite day cruise was the trip to the picnic on the Pancake Islands.  It was a day of bright blue sky, crystal clear water, and a grand wind that brought an occasionally wee bit of spray over the rail.  Second to that would be the sail into the town of Parry Sound, where we landed 8 of our Wayfarers on the beach at the Ontario Provincial Police headquarters.  The spot, normally forbidden for such use, was okayed by the spiffy sergeant following a thorough inspection of the line up of the sleek craft.  The officer's stiff regimen cracked when he wondered out loud how he might go about obtaining a Wayfarer for himself.  Our dumbest sail happened on the next to the last day of the rally.  With winds that had been gradually weakening in the afternoon as the week waned, I nevertheless elected that we should try for one last long cruise.  Our destination was Regatta Bay on Franklin Island (outside on Georgian Bay), about a 20 statute mile round trip.  Starting behind the others Margie and I found ourselves trailing badly.  In desperation, I gambled on getting a better wind by sailing outside the small craft channel and dodging the rocks in the multitude of reefs.  Soon we lost sight of the fleet of sails as one after another the Wayfarers disappeared behind the islands.  Don't worry, I know what I'm doing, I told Margie as she looked at me questioningly.  An hour later, hopelessly confused, we spied a small group of swimmers on some distant rocks.  We had been sailing along the shore of a large island for quite some time.  Is this Franklin Island?, I yelled, having had to come in close enough to require several quick rock dodging maneuvers.  "Yes", was the reply.  My suspicions confirmed, we turned about to beat back.  We had sailed nearly to the north end of the island, far past Regatta Bay.  By the time we regained the wasted ground, the group had already finished their lunch and swim.  Again they were ahead of us.  But now the wind began to slowly ebb, and soon everyone was drifting in close company.  It was a long slow trip back home  Good thing we had plenty of beer on board, it being warm not withstanding!
As in past years, we are asking you to please send us your stories, memories and any thoughts from the rally.  We would like to compile as many different stories and views as possible for posting on the USWA & CWA web sites.  These will go along very nicely with the many photos we are expecting.  Margie took a lot of pictures, but as usual, only a small percentage of them are really quite good.  We would, as always, appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, etc., regarding the rally that you have to help improve the outing for next year.  It really helps to hear from you all when it comes to planning the next event.     
At the rally we had a total of 21 parties registered.  Every year our numbers have increased to a new record.  I think that this tells all that needs to be said---you people are the greatest!!  We have individual participants, couples, families with young children--let's keep it going.  We renewed friendships from past years and met new friends that we hope to see again!  Let's keep the Wayfarer class alive and active in North America.  The list of participants is as follows:
Alan & Mary Asselstine - Ottawa, ON
Ron, Lori & Robin Baker - Kirtland, OH
Fred Black - Toronto, ON
Klas, Lucinda, Zoe & Niko Bockasten - Kitchener, ON
Tim & Rosemary France - Guelph, ON
Dennis Figley - Ashland, OH
Andre' & Monique Girard - Ottawa, ON
Tom & Nel Graefe - Norwell, MA
Bill Harkins & Margaret McKelvey - Arlington, VA
Dick & Margie Harrington - Euclid, OH
Gill & Malcolm Henderson - Prestbury, Macclesfield, UK
Barry & Betty Hitchcock - Toronto, ON (Pengallie Bay)
Ken Jensen, Sr. & Ken Jensen, Jr. - Hoevik, Norway/Copenhagen, Denmark
Tony Krauss & Mary Abel - Woodbridge, VA
Lisa, David, Josh & Krystal Nelson - Sidney, ME 
Allan & Sue Parry - Bollington, Macclesfield, UK
Ivan & Suzanne Pedersen - Pickering, ON
Kevin, Shirley, Stephanie & Drew Pegler - Fredericton, NB
Ralph Roberts - Worlingham, Beccles, UK
Mike Vossler & David Welles - Wellsville, NY
Kit, Patsy & Rachel Wallace - Toronto, ON
While we extend our thanks to everyone who attended the rally, realizing that for some it was quite a long drive, we offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following people who provided invaluable help and support that made this rally a success.
  • The rally committee who worked faithfully and diligently together over the past two years--Uncle Al, Tom Graefe, Kevin Pegler (and Dick & Margie).  Kevin handled all the work in getting us the terrific T-shirts; Uncle Al arranged for the pennants, and Tom provided photo copies of charts to those who needed them.
  • A special recognition to long time Wayfarer cruisers Don & Trudy Davis who, though unable to make the rally, put up the Jensens at their home in Guelph and loaned camping gear to the British visitors.
  • A big thank you to Uncle Al for transporting Ken Sr. & Jr. back and forth to the airport and for providing accommodations at his home for Ralph Roberts. 
  • A thanks to Tim France for taking the lead in planning a great series of daily cruises.
  • Thanks to Alan & Mary Asselstine for lining up a great group dinner at Killbear Marina Restaurant. 
  • A special thank you to Dennis Figley who not only shared his campsite but brought a ton of extra camping equipment for the overseas visitors.
  • Thanks to Tony Krauss & Mary Abel for sharing their campsite, as well as the many others who brought extra equipment to share.
  • Thanks to Fred Black for making the CWA Ted Davis Cruising Trophy presentation to Tom Graefe at the group dinner.
  • A special thank you to Sue Parry for her lovely singing and guitar strumming which made for many relaxing evenings after a long day of sailing.
  • To Barry Hitchcock, a very special thanks for loaning his Wayfarer to the British sailors.
  • And finally, to our overseas friends, Allan & Sue Parry, Malcolm & Gill Henderson, Ralph Roberts, Ken Jensen, Sr. and Ken Jensen, Jr., a special thanks for making the long and costly journey across the pond to join us in North America to truly make this an official International Rally! 
Finally, we want to say that all along the way there has been much help provided to Margie & me by all involved and for that we are grateful.  Our thanks to everyone who called, sent an e-mail, or offered any type of assistance in helping to make the rally a success--what a group effort!  It was definitely much more than we could handle on our own and all of your help was very much appreciated. 
Based upon early feedback received while still at Killbear, Tom Graefe and I will be looking at the possibility of having next year's rally on the Maine coast.  Hermit Island, a privately run campground located on Small Point (south of Bath and not far from Portland), is a possibility.  Because of the distance involved for people coming from the midwest and Ontario, this would again be a week long rally.  Early to mid-August would be the preferred timing of the rally due to the usual weather patterns for this region.  This is a marvelous spruce covered rocky coast, with intermittent sandy beaches and many islands.  The water is cold and the sailing can be challenging.  Tides run 8 to 10 feet--there are strong currents and occasional fog.  We are interested in receiving your feedback and thoughts regarding such a venue.  Time to start planning for next year!
Wishing you many more days of delightful summer sailing----DICK & MARGIE   
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