Kit Wallace reports on the
2004 International Rally

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Hello Dick and Al,
Here are some additional pictures of the Killbear Cruising Rally. Patsy, Rachel and I had a wonderful time sailing and camping that week. After three years of rallying, the group is beginning to feel to us like a "family" now, and we really enjoy catching up with everyone. Even 17-year-old Rachel, who was initially dubious about going this year, overcame her angst about hanging out with adults for four days and declared that she had a great time. So .... we'll see about next year.
It was a special treat to meet up with the European Wayfarers this year - the two Kens, the Parrys, the Hendersons and Ralph Roberts. I had the pleasure of sailing back from Parry Sound with Ralph after Rachel decided that she'd had enough hiking out for that day, and he entertained me with his thoughts about the feasibility of making a trans-Atlantic crossing in a Wayfarer.
I was sorry to have to leave the rally mid-week, though as it turned out, the time was well spent tuning up the boat for the upcoming Worlds (and removing rowlocks, anchors, chain, and other assorted cruising gear). Along with the Peglers' Wildwood, Ab faB was one of only two boats that participated in both events. It really is a testament to the versatility of the Wayfarer that this transformation from cruising to racing can be accomplished so readily. I didn't even nick the foils during the rigours of beaching the boat - and I can report that the centreboard slot closure strips (now permitted under class racing rules) were very effective at keeping sand out of the box!!
Best wishes to all,

Kit Wallace, W1037

Here's the view looking north towards Kilcoursie Bay from Lighthouse Point where we camped.

Early morning preparations on the beach at Lighthouse Point, just before the skipper's meeting.

Fred Black and Tom and Nel Graefe get their boats set up for the day ...

... while Ken Jensen Sr. and Andre Girard set out from the bay through the boats anchored offshore.

A view of the Hole-in-the-Wall passage from the deck of Ab faB.

Here we all are running wing on wing through the Hole-in-the-Wall past the cliff diving place.

Tony Krauss and Mary Abel laze along after emerging from the passage ...

... and the rest of the fleet follows in light winds.
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