Wayfarer Rigging Tips
updated: 15 May 2014

130209: Rig It Right with Uncle Al
110329: Shroud Adjusters should replace turnbuckles
000625: Mike Mac on Spinnaker Layout
000625: Derwyn Hughes on Spinnaker Layout
140515: an example for all of us to follow: Don Silsbe (W1392) re-rigs Ol Yeller
030604: Ton Jaspers: Attaching the main halyard and the jib sheet
031221: Rigging Discussion with emphasis on the Mark III
050103: A Rigging Upgrade for W1378: illustrated report by Erik Beauchamp
101028: Alternatives to the now defunct Harken magic box
070129: Ton Jaspers: the cascade system boom vang (kicker)
130209: photos of the ultimate system: vang and jib halyard tensioner cascades
061119: removable inboard jib lead tracks without holes in benches - by Ron & Brian Manchester (W738)