Subject: removable inboard jib fairlead tracks - courtesy of Ron & Brian Manchester (W738)
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Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 10:06 AM
Subject: removable jib sheet tracks

Hello Al,
  My name is Brian Manchester. I coresponded with you about 2 years ago. So let me reintroduce myself to you. My parents are Donna and Ron Manchester and own Wayfare #738. They belonged to Fleet 2 back in the early 1960's. I was quite young but remember these names and boat numbers that they were friends with (#737 Pierces, #739 Peacocks).
  The reason I am writing to you is I had taken pictures of Mike Anspach boat to look at how the tracks for the Jib were moved down onto the forward bench so the boat could point higher. I took these pictures down to Lakeland, Florida, where my dad now resides and showed him the pictures because he wanted to modify his boat.
   One thing we noticed was that on Mike's boat: he had to drill holes into his bench to hold his tracks and had moved them a few times so there were several holes in the bench. My dad wanted to come up with a way that this could be done without damaging the benches. Attached to this letter are the pictures we took to try and show how we moved the tracks down onto the forward bench without damaging the benches. The beauty of this is that  the bolts are underneath, can't be seen, and are easily removable so that you can use the hardware on the deck and a person can still sit on the bench when just pleasure sailing.
  My dad asked me to send these pictures to you, since you seem to be the guru of Wayfarer technoligies, etc... I hope these pictures can be of use to anyone who has a woody and would like to make this modification.
Brian Manchester