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6 March 2018:
KISS Your Dinghy Rules update
As a service to those who bought his book (and to others), Uncle Al has updated page 93 of KISS Your Dinghy, his one-page summary of the RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing) to reflect the new (2017-2020) version of the RRS. Help yourselves.
6 March 2018: Uncle Al additions to the WIT: self-rescue - the "scoop" and improve your leeward mark roundings
11 February 2018: Ton Jaspers memorial pages are completed

2008: Ton Jaspers and Dick Harrington combine their outstanding talents in Maine.

On December 9th, 2017, Netherlands Wayfarer, Ton Jaspers, passed away. I myself will miss Ton immensely, not just his enthusiasm and sense of humour but also his vast store of knowledge and experience that he unstintingly shared with other sailors by way of Uncle Al and the Wayfarer Institute of Technology (WIT). Typically, I would refer a question about one of the many practical matters in which my knowledge is lacking, to Ton. Within a few hours a useful, comprehensive, well illustrated response of several pages' length would appear in my In-Box. In fact, the moment you got Ton's e-mail address - wayfarer@xs4all - you knew he had his priorities in the right place. Thank you so much, Ton, for all the things you did for us, and for the many wonderful memories you have left with us. more here
1 January 2018: SKIMMER archive: latest issue posted
9 December 2017: Neuse Cruise 2017: report & all photos posted
1 July 2017: 2017 Chesapeake Bay Cruise SKIMMER report by Pat Kuntz added
Out with the old, in with the ... elderly

(l to r) Mark Hartley (Copyright Holder), Louise McKechnie (Denmark), Linda and Jim Heffernan (USWA), Monica Schaefer (Ireland), John Mellor (UKWA), Joke Peers (NedWA), Carol and David Hansman (CWA)

On this morning of 1 May 2014, Jim Heffernan (W1066) became the titular head of the Wayfarer world when he officially took over as the Wayfarer International Secretary in a brief, appropriately multi-national ceremony at Club Vounaki in Greece.  Jim is the first U.S. Wayfarer to hold this position, and replaces Uncle Al whose second stint as IntSec comes to an end after about six years. More here ...

The incoming and the outgoing, Jim Heffernan (l) and Al Schonborn,
enjoying Cape Lookout, NC in early November 2013.
Purpose of the Wayfarer International Committee 180427: Wayfarer Class Rules effective 1 April 2018
180427: membership status of our NCA's
W.I.C. Constitution
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180228: International Rallies: 1995 - 2017
160904: past Wayfarer Worlds: 1974 through 2016
170125:  a Wayfarer encyclopedia: the Wayfarer Institute of Technology (WIT)
180101:  the Skimmer archives: issues (2009-2017) of the excellent USWA Newsletter
171209: Wayfarer Cruise Logs from Everywhere
110328:  rave reviews for Hartley Wayfarer (Mark IV) W 50th Anniversary calendar (2008) archived here
A thumbnail History of the Wayfarer as created and last worked on by Uncle Al in Nov. 2000
Wayfarer Age Synopsis (borrowed from the UKWA site and fine-tuned)
 a compendium of songs for singing Wayfarers
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