the first annual
International Cruising Rally
Killbear Park, Canada
July 23-31, 1995
These reports have been copied from the October 1995 Whiffle
and supplemented by photos from Uncle Al's photo album:
Celebrating "our" Danes' arrival in the back yard of SHADES' home.
Left to right: Jesper Friis, Julia Schonborn, Gry, Pi, Irene and Poul Ammentorp, Uncle Al
David Schonborn and Gry Ammentorp wait for the food.
Gry meets the official W3854 guard cat!
Master chef, Poul Ammentorp at work!
The Ammentorps meet Ontario Place (just east of TS&CC).
Gry and Poul try out Canadian ice cream.
A little thing like a broken leg wasn't going to keep Irene Ammentorp at home!!
Part of the Kiddie Corps: (l to r) Gry, Joanna Schonborn, Pi Ammentorp
The Kiddie Corps, part 2
The tourist thing continues.
Julia and Joanna Schonborn
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