in response to a request from Mike Furbee:
Jiffy Reefing
 by Jim "Capt. Crunch" Wickson
a reprint of an article that appeared in a Whiffle long ago

Most Wayfarers equipped with centre-haul mainsheets are very difficult to "roller reef". The alternative is to "jiffy" or slab reef, which is usually easier and faster.
To rig a Wayfarer mainsail for slab reefing, have a reputable sailmaker (such as Heider Funck at Raudaschl who already has these measurements on file) put two or three 3/16" grommets and two 1/2" cringles on the sail as shown. The leach cringle should bring the inner end of the lower batten down to within three or four inches of the boom. The luff cringle, when hauled into place, will leave the boom kicked up a little higher than it is with no reef in. The mid-sail grommets pack in the excess sail and help flatten the sail as required for heavy winds.

The leach earing (see diagram above) snaps onto the outhaul shackle, then is led up the sail and through the cringle from the same side as the fairlead on the boom, down the other side of the sail, under the boom and through the fairlead. Tie a knot in the end. Be sure the earing is slack after the knot is tied.
The fairlead is fastened to the boom directly under the leach when the sail is reefed, not back under the clew grommet, and at a 45 degree angle to the centreline of the boom.
The clam cleat is fastened at about a four o'clock position (looking at the end of the boom), far enough up the boom that there is a four to six inch tail left when the earing is hauled tight to reef the sail.
The luff earing is similarly rigged.
The reef points are made of two-foot lengths of 1/8" dacron line with a knot in the centre. You will see the reason for the knot and the two-foot length when you try to use them.
If you rig your reefing gear as described and shown in the diagrams, the procedure is as follows:

1. heave to
2. let off the boom vang (kicking strap) completely
3. haul the leach earing TIGHT and secure
4. ease main halyard until the luff reefing cringle is six to eight inches above the boom
5. secure the luff earing to the luff reefing cringle (if not already reeved), haul TIGHT & secure
6. reeve and tie off reef points
7. re-set boom vang
8. set the sails and go

If you find that you are still overcanvassed, douse the jib. If still too much sail ... get off the lake!

Crunch (Capt.)

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