Case 20: In the photo below, the Wayfarer (Bob Kennedy in 3571) and the "cruiser" 1131 are on a collision course.
1.  Which boat has the right of way? Under what rule?
2. If 1131 luffs up to close-hauled to keep clear of 3571, can 1131 invoke rule 19 (room to pass an obstruction) as the two boats get closer to the shore?
3. Would such a call force 3571 to run down to give 1131 room, or is there another, better, option for 3571, one that 1131 would not like??

1. Both boats are on port tack, and by the time they get close enough for it to matter, W3571 will be leeward boat, and thus have right of way under rule 11.
2. If, God forbid, both boats end up close-hauled on port and barrelling in towards the shore, 1131 can call for room under rule 19.
3. A (far) better option for 3571 will be to call for "room to tack" under rule 20, in which case poor 1131 would have to tack and go "backwards" away from his next mark.
4. The call for "room to tack" would take precedence, because of rule 19.2(a) which gives the right-of-way boat the choice of how to pass the obstruction.

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