Case 18: In the photo below, CL1050 was just ahead of CL2679 when 1050 reached the zone. 1050 then tacked right around the mark.
Did rule 18 give CL1050 protection from the requirements of rule 13 (tacking too close)?

No. Rule 18.2(d) applied: "
(d) Rules 18.2(b) and (c) cease to apply when the boat entitled to mark-room has been given that mark-room, or if she passes head to wind or leaves the zone." Moreover, because 1050 and 2679 are not overlapped, the mark-room definition rules out tacking rights for 1050 here: "mark-room does not include room to tack unless the boat is overlapped to windward and on the inside of the boat required to give mark-room." In so many words, 1050 here is subject to rule 13 (tacking too close).

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