Case 16: In the photo below, W8868 (Uncle Al wearing Mike McNamara's spinnaker) and W7700 (Roger Shepherd) are neck and neck along the far shore of Fanshawe Lake. There is about one boatlength of space between the two hulls.
1. Who has the right of way?
2. What rules will limit W8868's course of action?
3. In what way is W7700 limited by the rules if he established his overlap from clear astern?

1. W7700 is leeward boat and thus has the right of way under rule 11.
2. Under rule 11, Uncle Al (8868) must keep clear.
3. Rule 17 does not allow W7700 to sail above his proper course if he established his overlap from clear astern and within two boatlengths of the windward boat. W7700 will, of course, be entitled to sail "up in the lulls and down with the puffs" since that would be his proper course - one that he would quite possibly sail even if Al were not there.

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