Case 15: In the photo below, W864 reaches the finish mark ahead of C Scow V45.
Is W864 entitled to mark-room at this finish mark?

No. While rule 18 (mark-room) certainly applies at any finish mark, it does not apply to boats going upwind on opposite tacks. Here, rule 10 (port/starboard) applies and V45 has the right of way. If W864 should try to tack here, he would have to first survive rule 13 (tacking too close), and then rule 18.3 (Tacking in the Zone) which he would have little hope of doing here!! Interestingly, under the new 2017-2020 RRS (Rules), 18.3 applies only at a mark to be left to port, so here it applies at the left end of the line but not at the other end where the mark must be left to starboard for a proper finish.

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