Case 9: In the photo below, Shadow (W286) and Free Range Chick'n are on a collision course.
1. Which boat has right-of-way?
2. Do the Rules permit W286 to sail higher if he gets a lift now?
3. Do the Rules permit W10139
(yellow) to sail higher if he gets a lift now?
4. Do the Rules permit W10139
(yellow) to sail lower if he gets a header now?

1. The yellow boat is on starboard and has right of way under rule 10.
2. Yes. The beauty of life as the give-way boat is that all you have to worry about is keeping clear of right-of-way boats. Apart from that onus, you are free to change course at will.
3. Yes. But as the get closer to each other, under rule 16.1, Starboard must, in changing course, give Port room to keep clear.
4. Again, it's a question of rule 16.1. Here, Starboard would likely be OK to bear off, especially if 286 is correspondingly lifted. But if the boats were a bit closer to each other, and 286 was already bearing away to pass astern of 10139, then - as per rule 16.2 - Starboard is not allowed to make any course change that will require immediate extra avoiding action from Port.

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