Case 5: In the photo below, W6 and W7380 are about to round the leeward mark.
Can W6 claim an inside overlap here, even though the boats are on opposite tacks?
If so, do these boats look like they are overlapped?
Does the re-written rule 18 (mark-room) require W6 to limit himself to taking mark-room only?

Answer: Yes. The term overlap applies to boats on opposite tacks when they in the zone around a mark (i.e. rule 18 applies). Note also that the re-written overlap definition now applies to these two boats even outside the zone because "both boats are sailing more than ninety degrees from the true wind."

W6 likely has an overlap on W7380 because the latter is sailing at such an angle to W6's course. At least part of W6's hull and equipment appears to be forward of an imaginary line drawn abeam "through the aftermost point of W7380's hull and equipment in normal position". The trick, of course, will be for W6 to get there in time to take the mark-room he's entitled to. (The relative lengths of the masts in the photo indicate that W7380 is actually well ahead of W6 here.)

No. W6 has right of way (starboard) and is thus entitled to make a proper-course (tactical) rounding until such time as he gybes and becomes the give-way boat. However, rule 18.4 does require W6 to make his gybe in accordance with sailing his proper course - unless this mark is part of a "gate".

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