Case 3: In the photo below, the Maltese Falcon (red, blue and gray spi) is overtaking the other three boats who are overlapped.
What rules apply if Maltese Falcon decides to sail between any two of the boats ahead?

Answer: Each of the two boats on the right side (yellow and blue spi, and pink and red spi) have a right-of-way boat to leeward that under the old rules ranked as a continuing obstruction. The more recent obstruction definition has changed this: " A vessel under way, including a boat racing, is never a continuing obstruction." Therefore, MF will have to keep clear of any leeward boats if he establishes an overlap to windward. If - contrary to expectations - MF establishes an overlap to leeward of any of the windward boats, rule 17 will require MF to sail no higher than his proper course. That proper course may well be above the rhumb line to the next mark if one of the leeward boats decides to luff MF.

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