Hatch Seal Replacement
hatch seal replacement: a question from Jack Cook (W2123) brings advice from Ton, Dave, Tom and Mary
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From: Jack Cook W2123
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 5:40 PM
Subject: hatch seals

Hi Uncle Al:

I've been spending about an hour each day perusing through your magnificent library. (You must have given yourself a great chuckle, when I asked you to make hard -copies. THAT would certainly have exceeded Canada's GNP)!
I think it's time to replace the forward hatch cover and aft hatch cover SEAL STRIPPING! Should I go to Abbott Boats or get some material from a local supplier?

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From: Al Schonborn [mailto:uncle-al3854@cogeco.ca]
Sent: dinsdag 12 mei 2009 3:14
To: Jack Cook W2123
Cc: Dave & Carol Hansman W282; Ton Jaspers (W10445); Tom Graefe W9668

... I would get the weather stripping locally. I seem to recall someone suggesting the stuff they put on car doors to seal them as being good stuff to use? I know we once had this in the Weekly Whiffle but can't find it in the WIT. Eeek! A gap!!
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)
PS: This gets you into tonight's Weekly Whiffle. Perhaps it will bring hatch seal suggestions out of the woodwork. Will also copy some possible advice sources.

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From: Ton Jaspers W10445
To: 'Al Schonborn' ; Jack Cook W2123
Cc: 'Dave & Carol Hansman W282' ; 'Tom Graefe W9668'
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:51 PM

I totally agree, Al.
I ordered a few rolls of neoprene rubber from Porter Brothers a couple of years ago. As things turned out, it fitted only the newest built Porter boats. Over the years, several sealing rubbers have been used by different builders and even by the same builder. The position of the fasteners was adjusted to the thickness of the rubber seals. I once tried bending the fasteners to match a thinner seal thickness but failed miserably.
There is a hard way and an easy way to fix a seal:

The hard way: Move the fasteners to match the new seal thickness and repair the old holes with a gelcoat repair kit.

The easy way: Take the old rubber off, go to a local hardware store and try to find some rubber seal with the same thickness. 
If your hardware store has nothing to match, they usually can order some or direct you to a company that can help you.
Whatever you do, do not try to bend the fasteners to match a different thickness. It will lead to one thing only: you will need to go out and buy new fasteners as well as new rubber. Been there, done that! 
If all else fails try these guys: http://sealsdirect.co.uk/  They have been supplying the UK Wayfarers. They are located in the UK but I am sure similar companies are to be found closer to your neck of the woods (try Google).
Mounting tips:
- In the corners make a V-shaped cut out, half way the width of the seal (see drawing below).

- Use a contact glue suitable for (neoprene?) rubber on the corners and also to join the ends.
- Do not join the ends in a corner.
- Use the same reliable contact glue to fix the seal to the boat or hatch even of it is an already self-adhesive seal. The glue of a self-adhesive seal usually sticks to gelcoat as well as it sticks to its protective cover paper! 
- Make sure the contact glue is for use with rubber and stays elastic over the years. A glue that gets rock hard will start to leak after a while, or worse, the seal could come off. 
- Follow the instructions on the glue package to the letter. Specially where it says "Remove all grease with a solvent" and "Wait at least ten minutes until the glue is nearly dry".
Best wishes,

Ton Jaspers (Swiebertje W10445

... from Dave Hansman (W282):
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From: Hansman, Dave
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:29 PM
Subject: Hatch Seal Material

Hello Al:

Yes, we did discuss hatch seal material in the past.  There were several suggestions, but my source is Canadian Tire.  There is a large selection, but Jack should use the black closed cell foam tape.  It is durable, workable and provides a good seal.  Due to the selection of widths and thickness, he should be able to find one that is equal to or better than what was there before.  It is best to avoid the type of foam tape used to seal between the box of a pickup truck and the cap it tends to squish but does not quickly rebound, leaving a poor seal on hatches; you need the type that is resilient and quick to recover its shape.

Best regards,


... from Tom Graefe (W9668):
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From: TM Graefe
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 4:27 PM

Best gasket tape I have found is:

I believe West Marine sells it, too. It is available in different sizes.

tom g

... from Mary Abel (W4105):
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From: Mary Abel
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 4:28 PM
Subject: W hatch "gasket"

Hi Al,

When the back hatch gasket on W4105 needed to be replaced, I went to a chain automotive parts store (either Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts, I forget) and bought the following:

("Metro Sponge Supersoft") WEATHER-STRIP
5/16" x 3/4" x 10ft 
(7.94mm x 19.05mm x 3.05m)
about $7.99 US + tax

Part Number MW51634
Metro Moulded Parts, Inc.  (Minneapolis, MN)

I believe I used 91% rubbing alcohol to remove all the old gasket's adhesive residue before installing the new material.

Hope this helps!