Efficient Sailing = Safe Sailing = More Fun!
(revised 24 April 2008)

This article has twice appeared in the now defunct Whiffle newsletter, but I feel that it is worth posting since it can remind all of us about a few essentials!

Until Tim France and Don Davis invited me to speak at a Guelph Seminar, I had always considered that I was mostly coaching the few that race. For my talk with day sailors and cruisers, I re-discovered some basics and a few little tricks that I have picked up over my fifty plus years of sailing and racing. In my experience, these are every bit as useful to those who simply sail, as they are vital to the racers.

I will deal with these main topics:

    1. the why and how of setting your sails properly
    2. the why and how of correct sail and boat trim
    3. a few special tricks

sail setting
boat & sail trim
miscellaneous manoeuvres