Ralph Roberts reveals recommended Wayfarer (small) jib dimensions
which are not found in our Class Rules
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From: Brandon McClintock W3576
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 12:28 PM
Subject: where to find small jib dimensions?

Hi Al,

Looks like there are lots of good Wayfarer things happening - all at your end of the continent. Not much happening out here at all. I am, however, gathering bits of hardware to modify W3576 into a more cruise-friendly rig - reefing gear, better kicker, etc.

I'm also investigating the possibility of adding a small jib to my inventory. I have a credit with a S.F. Bay area sailmaker from work done previously on my San Juan and I asked him for an estimate for one of these little jibs.  So far he's been unable to find the dimensions. 

My question: Do you who I could contact to get those dimensions?  I looked in the Wayfarer Book and on line but was not successful. Thanks for whatever you can do.

Brandon (W3576)

P.S.  I shall miss joining you all on this year's Ches Cruise.  Perhaps I can bum a ride next year as crew and fly out.

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To: Brandon McClintock W3576
Cc: Ralph Roberts W9885 ; Ton Jaspers (W10445)
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 1:13 PM

Hi, Brandon:
... Have copied a couple of experts who should know what you need regarding jib (vs. genoa) dimensions. There is nothing official, I believe.
We'll miss you at the Ches Cruise, Brandon!! Next year for sure!!
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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From: Ralph Roberts
To: Brandon McClintock ; Al Schonborn
Cc: Ton Jaspers (W10445)
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2010 6:24 AM

Hi Brandon,

The standard measurement for a jib used by McNamara sails (and the one I have) is:

Luff 143 ins. Leach 123 ins. and foot 69 ins, with the foot being a slight curve,
and the angle between the luff and the foot being of the order of 70 degrees.
It's a pity your enquiry didn't come in a month ago, as we would then have included this info. in the latest editon of the Wayfarer Book, as it is, we will certainly bear it in mind for the next edition...

Best wishes, Ralph