A tipsy tip: Grolsch beer with the re-sealable lid
not just tasty but also a fine source of centreboard bolt washers, says Ton Jaspers (W10445)
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From: Jaspers, Ton
Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 10:47 AM
Subject: I finally found the original (April 2001) essay on Yahoo!

A good tip for all Wayfarers struggling with sealing the centreboard bolt.

At the 2007 Wayfarer Ontario championships, Uncle Al drinks from his Grolsch in the original bottle
(re-sealable, great for the heavy action during races, where containers tend to tip over, get stepped on, etc.)
Ton's washer (red) can just be seen in the photo on the right.

A famous Dutch beer called Grolsch offers half-a-litre swing wire capped bottles. The rubber rings of these caps fit the centre board bolt perfectly. Now that the new season has begun we took a tote of Grolsch to the harbour to fix our leaking bolt problems. After two bottles we fixed the first Wayfarer. It took two more to fix the second boat and it worked perfectly.

The third boat was a
bit more divvicult as the holes just didn't want to line up. Wiz the next boat we had a problem putting the bottle through the hole. Zen came one where we lozt the zentre board. Furtunately it vloated and zomeone was able zo pick it up.

Next came a real problem case, a Wayfarer wiz two boltz holez
and only one bolt. I can't remember how that one was zolved. By ze time we ztarted on ze last boat I gotz kind of zeazick as the zjhore ztarted to zwing, zhere waz nobozzy around to fazten it again.

Zhere is talk about a Dutz Wayvalel azzoziazion. A gleat plan! Yet more Wayvalelz and doulbe zhat numbel of bottlez of Glolz! Hip Hip Hoolee! HIC!

Ton Jaspers (Swiebertje - W10445)
addendum: huge supply of centreboard bolt washers briefly available for free!!
In reference to Ton Jaspers' Weekly Whiffle article a month ago, Andrew Haill sent the following:
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From: Andrew Haill  W9657
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Subject: Wayfarer centreboard washers

Apparently there is a large supply available on a road somewhere in Holland. Does this not bring tears to your eyes?
Although perhaps they were empties.


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To: Ton Jaspers (W10445)
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Did they have a national day of mourning for this, Ton?
Best regards,
Uncle Al  (W3854)

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omg omg Omg Omg OMg OMg OMG OMG OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

This surely qualifies as a disaster?
BTW the difference between an accident and a disaster is simple:

(Al's note: The answer to this is fairly incorrect, politically speaking, so I have deleted it - for fear of offending any sensitive readers we may still have. I'll be happy to send Ton's answer to anyone interested.)