Subject: Ken Jensen shares his thoughts on an efficient layout for the cockpit of a cruising W
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From: KEN/K.H.Jensen
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 10:53 AM
Subject: W1348 (Cockpit. *My Way*- layout)

WAYFARER Cruising (often single-handed):
This topic is a never ending one, and since we are all different, there shall allways be different solutions. What is brought forward by me has been given to me along the way from someone there as well as from my own chest. The burden of age is claimed to be an insult, and it defenitely demands no waste of energy, when you reach my age, but then again the stimulus of W.cruising is a marvellous vitamin.

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From: Richard C Harrington
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Subject: W1348 (Cockpit. *My Way*-lay out)

Greetings Ken,
Terrific "My Way" stuff.  (Did Frankie ever do any sailing?)  Anyway, you certainly outdid my expectations---I'm pleased.  I will certainly keep this on file.
For those of you who don't know, I sailed with Ken for the better part of a week, in Swedish and Norwegian waters, and know what this is all about.  Ken's "May Way" is something to keep ready at hand once you decide to become a serious cruiser.  There are many useful and innovative ideas to mine from the "My Way" diagram.  Some you may chose not to adopt, others will certainly improve your Wayfarer and make it a better boat for the cruising experience.  The "Maitken" setup is the result of many years of experimentation, with PROVEN good results, sailing some of the world's most challenging waters.
We cruising types are very fortunate to have Ken's advice and help.
Thanks. Ken.