2013 Wayfarer Worlds
Things that need doing before the Worlds so that all concerned may be prepared for the event.
These dates should be considered the final deadlines.

1 June 2012 dates and venue of Worlds/Internationals specified and communicated to WIC Secretary and WIC members
31 Oct 2012 Notice of Regatta and Entry Info to be posted on WIC web site
1 March 2013 Early-bird entry deadline.
The hunt for borrowable boats and “buddies” begins.
1 April 2013
“Buddy” pairings complete. Host NCA informs all involved of the name, address and phone number/e-mail of their “buddy”. Each “overseas” entry should have a buddy from the Host Country who is
  • a fellow competitor,   OR
  •  someone attending the Worlds Week in any capacity,  OR
  • any other Wayfarer person
The local buddy should help the "Overseas" buddy in  any  possible  way and generally be a bit of a personal host.
1  June 2013
Arrangements for boat borrowing completed by Host N.C.A. 

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