Helm: George Blanchard
Club: Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
Age: 90
Crew: Mike Codd
Club: Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
Age: 45
Worlds Experience:
2001: 65th
1998: 44th=
1995: 37th=
1992: 53rd
1989: 48th
1986: 39th
1983: 39th
1980: 15th
1978: 24th
1976: 24th
1974: 14th
Worlds Experience:
2001: 65th
1998: 44th=
1989: 38th
1986: 22nd
1976: 25th
Sailing History:
Sailing History:  Started sailing about age 6 in a home made boat built in the room that was to become the living room to the house we were also building.  Sailed in Bronte Creek and Lake Muskoka until I was old enough to crew. Then switched to keel boats for a couple of years.  When I learned to drive, I switched back to dinghies and first sailed a W in the Canadian Nationals with Rod Wreford.  After one year I took up with Alf Easy for about 10 years.  During this time we won several major regattas and did very well if the wind was force 5 or above. After university I bought W421 from Hans Gottschling and sailed with a variety of crews until my wife Darlene got into the boat one day in July of 1986.  We sailed together in club racing and all the away events until 1995 when Darlene was in a vehicle accident.  We have sailed in some events since but I have mainly taken up sailing with George. George and myself have raced in most of the regattas on the circuit when we are not actually running the regatta. Together we have sailed in both the Danish and Irish Worlds. We have a great deal of fun in and out of the boat although George usually ends up with all the ladies.

When not sailing:
When not sailing: I became a father for the first time in April 2003 to Lilly. So now I spend my time building fences to keep her in the backyard and assembling “some assembly required” toys.  Everyone should have a kid!  When not racing I organize and run sailing events. I have been to CORK (Canadian Olympic training–Regatta site, Kingston) every year for the past 5 years during which time I have helped run continental or world championships for 49ers, Albacores, 29ers, and J24s.
I also run the Thursday night TS&CC club races with George.  This past summer Lilly and Darlene were out with us every night.  If you sail past us don’t forget to say hello to Lilly, who will wave at you.  George also appreciates your greetings!
I work as a controller of a company that sells training materials to the electrical power industry around the world.
Family: wife - Darlene; daughter - Lilly (2 yrs)