Helm: Stewart Reed (above, left)
Club: Bosham SC
Age: 42
Crew: Robin Albert
Age: 43
Worlds Experience:
2001: 36th
Worlds Experience:
2001: 36th
Sailing History: After many years mostly yacht racing, re-introduced to dinghies following the arrival of children. While still to be found on offshore boats, often seen in an ancient GRP Mk 2 ferrying family, buckets and spades around the beaches of Chichester Harbour or enjoying the occasional club race with his eldest son. Following delicate negotiations at home, has been allowed 5 or 6 dinghy racing events a year with Robin in a newer plus S at which great enthusiasm is shown for both the racing and the social events. More accomplished at the latter!
Sailing History: Started sailing keelboats and yachts as a schoolboy. Usually races on an Oyster 37 but recently (2000) persuaded to try one of  these tippy Wayfarer dinghies to keep an eye on the "Skipper". Spends a few weekends a year on Finitor, mostly reeling from the shock of sailing small unballasted boats and the stress of keeping the paranoid skipper's boat free of finger prints and scratches! Tries to keep Stewart out of trouble. Rarely first at the windward mark but usually first and last at the parties.
When not sailing: Work - Chartered Surveyor.
Outside work - Snow skiing, cooking and avoiding gardening, DIY and sailing politics.

When not sailing: Work - Technical Sales for a Bio-Tech company.
Outside Work - Pot holing, improving the Wayfarer's  ballast ratio and still keeping Stewart out of trouble!

Family: Married to (long suffering) Maxine.
Children - Charlie (7), Katy (4) and Tom (2)
Family: Long term partner, Mary (long suffering !)