Helm: John Goudie
Club: Wilsonian SC and Royal Yachting Association
Age: 55
Crew: Suzanne Hall
Club: Wilsonian SC
Age: 38
Worlds Experience:
2001: 28th
1998: 27th = (crewing for Brian Lamb)
Worlds Experience:
2001: 28th
Sailing History: I started sailing at the age of 8 when living in Malta.  Little racing then, except as crew.  On returning to England, we bought Enterprise 4949 and I had the chance to helm races from time to time.  When about age 12, my father bought a 26ft cruiser which we sailed at Royal Harwich YC, so no racing for a few years, but plenty of North Sea and English Channel crossings as well as pottering along the East Coast.  At university, I team raced, and ended up running City University Sailing Club with Roger Challis (W9174).  After university – racing the Enterprise and GP14 3594 until I went to Africa where I owned a very tired Fireball until she fell apart.  Wayfarer sailing since 1997, crewing for Brian Lamb (W10201) initially, then W12 on loan for a season, and now W9812.  The photo is of us sailing at the UK Nationals on the Medway four weeks after purchase – not many behind!  I am Wayfarer Class Captain at WSC.
Sailing History: Introduced to sailing by my boss!! So I’ve been sailing since 1997. Fortunately, the Wilsonian Sailing Club is very supportive to their new members and there are plenty of patient helms to help you along. I quickly became known as the capsize queen after my first couple of races and famous for creating knots that no-one’s ever seen before!  Things have improved since then, I  became a regular crew for the Miracle fleet before joining John in Wayfarer W9812.
When not sailing: I sing in a four part mixed choir concentrating mostly on the classical repertoire – one choir nowadays, but it has been as many as three.  I like to ski in the winter, when possible, and my knees feel up to it.  I work!! (For central government on flood and coastal defence matters).  Forget gardening – it gets in the way of sailing!
When not sailing: When I’m not working, I like travelling, sight-seeing, rollercoasters, eating, drinking and going to the cinema.
Family: Divorced with two grown-up daughters, Sally and Joanna.  Partnered with Carolyn, who will be joining us later in the regatta week.
Family: Partner Brian – a keen fisherman.