Helm: Geoff Edwards
Club: Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
Age: 65
Crew: George Waller
Worlds Experience:
1998: 50th
1995: 52nd

Worlds Experience:
1998: 50th
Sailing History:   Always a dinghy sailor, Geoff moved to Wayfarers ten years ago.  Geoff believes that the Wayfarer is the perfect-looking dinghy and that Wayfarer sailors value cameraderie.  Geoff has previously competed in the 1995 Worlds here in Toronto and the 1998 Worlds
in Denmark. He knows the good times that these events produce.

Sailing History: George has been sailing Wayfarers since the age of 14,  starting with his family at Bosham in Chichester harbour. He taught sailing in Wayfarers at Burnham-on-Crouch and on Lake Llangorse, in Wales, during college vacations. Since moving to Canada he has occupied the sharp end, with Geoff at the blunt end. They have miraculously avoided capsizing even once in 14 years, a definite builder of good crew/helm relations.
When not sailing: Geoff Edwards spends his retirement, skiing, cycling, sailing, and ...
When not sailing: George got married this year and hopes to instill some of his love of sailing in his previously dry better half.
Family: ... enjoying his daughters and grand children.