Helm: Søren Jensen
Club: Farum Sejlklub
Age: 47
Crew: Jesper Friis
Farum Sejlklub
Age: older and wiser?
Worlds Experience:
1998: 12th
1995: 13th
1989: 29th

Worlds Experience:
1998: 12th
1995: 19th
1989: 20th

Sailing History: Has sailed since the age of 8 in a variety of boats including Optis, Flipper, X-79, 5-0-5, Trapez - and since 1986: Wayfarer.
Danish champion in 1994 and 1997.
Sailing History: Jesper was the editor of the Danish Wayfarers newsletter, W-nyt, for many years but now spends most of his spare time polishing his beloved Wayfarer Whistle.
A very experienced crew, the only Wayfarer to have crewed both Danish and Canadian champions, Jesper has reached the level where he is no longer willing to listen to his helms.
When not sailing:
When the weather is unsuitable for sailing (snow, no wind)
Søren works as an auditor and financial adviser for Deloitte in Copenhagen.

hobbies: fancy cakes
When not sailing:
work: Jesper is a naval architect
hobbies: plays the "tin whistle" (above right) at sailing functions with the Wayfarer Stompers - this versatile instrument can also be used as a straw, especially when there is Whisky in the Jar!!
Family: Wife, Annette (born in Canada), chemical engineer. Annette normally crews for Søren in his Wayfarer and in their X-302. Family: wife, Aida; two grown children and two grandchildren