Helm: John Hartley
Club: Hayling Island SC
Age: 50
Crew: Nick Philp
Club: Hayling Island SC
Age: 38
Worlds Experience:
2001: 26th
Worlds Experience:
none yet
Sailing History: Learnt to sail in a Wayfarer in 1970 with Bosham Sea School, but then did not sail in a dinghy again until I bought my first Wayfarer 8800 (mk2SD) in 1995. In between times have cruised in yachts and crewed for offshore races.  I did not intend to race, but was encouraged by members of my first club (Emsworth Slipper) to have a go. Inevitably I was bitten by the bug and in 1999 bought my current boat (a 1982 wooden Porter built boat) and moved to HISC so that I could improve my skills amongst other Wayfarers. Results have been erratic, but generally improving with the generous help of other club members.
Sailing History: Started sailing at the age of eight at various clubs in Chichester Harbour. Racing in youth classes, Schools National Champion in Firefly. Sailing Instructor for three summers in Wayfarer. Crewed in 470 and Int.14. Not so much sailing since university due to family and work commitments overseas.  Enjoying recent introduction to Wayfarer racing and socials after racing.
When not sailing: Have run my own furniture conservation and restoration business for the past 27 years, mostly for the National Trust, museums and other institutions.
When not sailing: Chose Oceanography as a profession thinking that this would lead to locations for sailing. Unfortunately work tends to be offshore and overseas, away from local sailing.
Family: Wife, Liz.  Children: Alice 16, George 14, Annabel 10. Brother Mark has lived and worked in Toronto for past 30 years. Family: Partner, Alicia.  Children: Tegan 15 and Luke 10.