Helm: Andrew Gumley (above, left)
Club: Lac Deschênes SC
Age: 36
Crew: Nigel Gumley
Club: Nepean SC
Age: 42
Worlds Experience:
Worlds Experience:
Sailing History: I was 5 yrs old when my parents purchased an Enterprise and raced it on a small river in England.  Since that time I have been interested in sailing and spending as much time as I can on the water.  We moved to Canada in 1972, the Enterprise sold and we traded up to a Wayfarerer.  My memories from 6 to 10 yrs old are weekends spent  traveling across Ontario going from one regatta to another.  Yes, I was one of the Wayfarer children who accumulated at the waters edge to watch our parents race and waiting for our turn to get into the boat.  My turn finally came after I started my sailing training at Bronte Harbour Yacht Club Sailing School which Uncle Al presided over. When I left sailing school as a Junior, I had won a number of awards including:
     3rd - 16 & Under Albacore Championship - 1983
     1st - 16 & Under Albacore Championship  - 1984
From 16 to 19, I spent the summers as a sailing instructor with the last two years teaching the racing division at Oakvile Yacht Squadron and sailing a Finn.  The next 6 yrs, I spent in University attaining a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and letting my sailing slide albeit a few weekends were spent as a tactician on an Olson 30.
I didn't pick up sailing again until we moved to Vancouver and I purchased
my first Wayfarer, Windshadow, from my brother Nigel.  The first regatta I
attended with Penny was the Glennfiddich Wayfarer regatta. As the name suggested, a nice bottle of the single malt was to be given to the first
Wayfarer.  As a scotch drinker, I couldn't let this slide, so we had our first
win in Windshadow and a happy skipper for the evening - I apparently was
supposed to share its contents, which didn't happen...sorry.
After much time spent away from sailing, it has just been the last two years after moving back to Ottawa and joining Lac Deschênes that I have actively started racing again.

Sailing History: Introduced to sailing in an Enterprise 14, on a narrow and mucky section of the River Trent in England (Englishmen are like ducks - they'll go anywhere there's water!).  Sailed my parents' Wayfarer as a
teenager, participating in some races and regattas, although never with any formal training.  Hung up the sailing boots while in University, after
trying to prove to my younger, albeit accomplished, sibling that I was a
better sailor than he.  After watching him sail through a fleet of Lasers at
a CYA Instructor sailing race, I was given the opportunity to take one of
the boats out myself, whereupon I stepped onto the boat with one foot
remaining on the dock and, in the painfully slow seconds that followed,
realized that the space of water between my legs was growing larger and
larger, before I succumbed to gravity and fell in, much to the amusement of the younger girls watching from the dock. 
After that I had a young family to keep me busy, but the siren call of the water pulled me back later in my life.  After moving to Ottawa in 1990, I sailed for a season with the RA club on Albacores, completed bronze level dingy sailing at Nepean Sailing Club on Laser 2's, and finally bought a used but pristine Wayfarer, joining Lac Desch
ênes Sailing Club.  Raced and cruised on the mighty Ottawa for 3 years, before relinquishing the boat to my brother.  Became a CYA cruising instructor with the Ottawa Sailing School, teaching on Sonars and Tanzer 22's, eventually purchasing my new mistress, a Contessa 26.  Since then, I've been happily restoring my boat to her former glory, and cruising out of Nepean Sailing Club.
When not sailing: When not sailing, Penny and I are spending all our time with our twins, Alex and Hanna (2 yrs old), who now are the proud owners of a sailboat sandbox.... have to start them sometime.  When not parenting, and not on the water, I can usually be found running down the street training for either a marathon, 1/2 marathon, Duathlon, or a 10K race.
When not sailing: I'm dreaming of sailing, or least what next needs fixing or upgrading on the boat.  I'm an avid photographer, enjoy out of doors activities like trying to keep up with my brother when we go for a jog!
Family: Partner: Penny
Children: Hanna (2 yrs old), Alex (2 yrs old)
Family: Partner: Lianna.  Two teenage children.  Laura's going into 2nd
year at Carleton U. for Arts and Culture, and Matthew is heading into Grade 10.  We're expecting a new baby in December to replenish the crew bank.