Helm: (Uncle) Al Schonborn
Club: Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, Lake Eustis SC
Age: 63
Crew: Marc Bennett (above left)
Club: Alexandra YC, Toronto
Age: 43
Worlds Experience:
1998: 31st
1995: 6th
1992: 18th=
1989: 19th
1986: 13th
1983: 34th
1980: 5th
1978: 7th
1976: 8th

Worlds Experience:
1998: 31st
Sailing History: Uncle Al is in his 51st year of sailing/racing, having started his career in 14' Brutal Beasts in 1954 in the Junior Club at Toronto Island's Queen City YC. Started sailing W116 Snoopy in 1964 and since then not a year has gone by that he hasn't sailed some - usually all - of the events on the North American W calendar. After sailing W852 and W4000 in the early 70's, he settled down in the lovely SHADES in 1977. An avid, successful racer, Al has lately discovered the beauties of W cruising as well. Like George Blanchard, Uncle Al is a Wayfarer for life, but he does occasionally race other centreboard boats provided they do not involve ooching, pumping and rocking.
Sailing History: Born in Point-a-Pier, Trinidad, Marc was soon transported to Jamaica where he began his sailing career at the Royal Jamaica YC in Kingston, sailing Mirror dinghies from the age of 7. After a story-laden career in 470's in Jamaica, Marc emigrated to Canada. A fine helm in his own right, Marc is much sought after as a knowledgeable advisor to both dinghy and keel sailors. A couple of years ago, Marc sailed the 29er Worlds in Kingston (Ontario!), and became an instant geezer - being pretty well the only sailor over 20 in the fleet.
When not sailing:
work: a retired teacher of French and German (mostly), Al now supply teaches one or two days per week. With another retired French teacher, Al has created several French study guides, Keys to French, which are proving quite popular across Canada. Al's most enjoyable linguistic pursuit however, is trying to speak Danish, and of course, to do this, he has to sail the Danish Nationals every couple of years.
hobbies: like all Wayfarers, Al enjoys sharing what he has learned with his fellow-sailors. For nearly 40 years, this was largely done via the CWA newsletter, the Whiffle, but in 1998 he was finally and reluctantly dragged into the computer age by CWA Cruising Secretary, Tim France. Since then, Al's web empire has grown so much that he often cannot find material he knows is in there somewhere - thank God for Google! These web sites give Uncle Al even more reason to run amok with the CWA digital camera and indulge his other main hobby, photography.
After a 9-year stint as WIC International Secretary, Al is now the WIC rep to the CWA.
When not sailing:
work: Marc is kept very busy at a printing concern in Toronto - luckily for Al, Marc also has considerable computer expertise and is Al's spiritual adviser in that regard.
hobbies: enjoys reading (like Al!) and cooking tasty Jamaican dishes. Recently acquired a small Miata sportscar which gets lots of love and care.
Family: wife - Julia; Joanna (18), David (16)
Family: no longer married, Marc is nonetheless on good enough terms with the ex, that he was able to to call on her for emergency crewing purposes and win the first race of the 2002 Ontarios in SHADES. Having no kids of his own, Marc likes to spoil his assorted nephews.