Helm: Joe DeBrincat
Club: Walled Lake SC
Age: 66
Crew: t.b.d.

Worlds Experience:
1986: 34th
1980: 12th
1976: 21st
1974: 30th (crewed for Richard Rothery)
Worlds Experience:
Sailing History: Joe started sailing a Wayfarer (1587) in 1968, and immediately joined Fleet 2. In 1972 Bill Worrall asked Joe if he still wanted a wood boat and he said whose boat. When Bill said it was his, Joe said yes but had a problem in that he just went into business for himself and he needed to sell his boat first. Bill said that it was OK. Joe sold his boat and bought his present boat. Joe started to sail much better with his new boat. In 1972 he won the coveted George Smith Trophy. After that, Joe had several finishes in the top five in the Nationals and North Americans. In 1983 he won the North Americans. Joe hasn't been as active as he would like to be because his sons have grown up and are not available to crew anymore.
Sailing History:
When not sailing: Joe is semi retired but does practice architecture in some of his spare time. He also does some consulting work for other architects. In the past 4 years he has worked on a community center, and several office buildings. On his own, he has designed several restaurants and some single family residential projects. At the present he is designing a web site to include and sell homes he has designed in the past.
He also keeps busy spending time with his young daughter.

When not sailing:
Family: Wife: Vickie; daughter at home: Noelle