Helm: Kevin Pegler
Club: Mactaquac Sailing Association
Age: 43
Crew: Shirley (the Squirrel) Pegler (with Drew and Stephanie)
Club: Mactaquac Sailing Association
Age: 39
Worlds Experience: Zippo, Nada, Never done that! Goals for the Worlds: not finish last, learn from the "rock stars", and have fun! Worlds Experience: Also, diddly squat!
Sailing History: KP started sailing at age 5  - 38 years ago - on Lake
under his father's watchful eye. There was a succession of small
craft in those early days: Sea Snarks, Albacores, and a Hobie Cat. For the
next 16 years, or so, sailing was done aboard the family's various
keelboats: a Siren, an Edel 540, a Challenger, and a Catalina.
As a frat boy during his university years in
Toronto, Kevin acquired his first taste of yacht racing as a "deck monkey" aboard various J-24s out of ABYC. Shortly after University, he joined TS&CC and purchased an Albacore off of Wayfarer sailor Fred Black. Not long after owning the boat, he met Hans Gottschling, another long-time Wayfarer sailor. After his first sail in a Wayfarer he was smitten with the boat. Kevin ended up crewing with Hans for a number of years.
In the winter of 1996 (having moved from
Toronto to Ottawa), Kevin was
contacted at work about an old wooden Wayfarer that was in a barn in a neighboring community. Hans had successful brainwashed Kevin on the
mysteries of owning a Woodie, the boat was purchased. After a few years in storage while funds were being raised, the boat was completely rebuilt. New spars, sails, and rigging were purchased. In May 2002, W1071 was christened Wildwood and launched with the appropriate
Champagne toast with local Fredericton (yes, Kevin and his family were now in New Brunswick) Wayfarer sailor, Brian Mills and his wife Judy.
Since that time, Kevin has sailed Wildwood primarily on the Mactaquac
head-pond. He and his wife have raced in the MSA regattas and joined in the annual Cruising Rallies.
Sailing History: As a kid, Shirley learned to sail in a summer program at ail Ontario in Toronto on Lake Ontario. For the last three years she has been the ace crew of W1071. In particular,  her spinnaker technique has met with rave reviews with the skipper of W1071, much to this dismay of other racers on the headpond! In addition, Shirley's experience as a former lifeguard and Coxswain of a high-speed Canadian Coast Guard search and rescue craft, make the "Squirrel" quite comfortable in and around the marine environment.
When not sailing:
Work: Kevin is a professional engineer and lectures in the Department of
Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. While lecturing, he has been completing his doctoral degree (by the time the Worlds are done, he should be Dr. Pegler). His current research focus is developing a satellite-based reconnaissance system for the Canadian Coast Guard to assist in search in rescue of small recreation boats (hopefully no Wayfarers).
Hobbies: Kevin sails in the summer. Attends to the needs of Wildwood during the early fall and spring. In the winter he skis. Other hobbies include: beer, wine, cooking, and jazz music! He also has a great passion for
Newfoundland dogs.
When not sailing:
Work: Shirley is a Science Communications Officer with the Canadian Forest Service for Atlantic Canada.

Hobbies: Shirl enjoys swimming, skiing, yoga, and Pilates. She also enjoys, beer, wine, cooking, jazz music, and her hammock!

Family: wife - Shirl the Squirrel (ace Wayfarer crew!), Stephanie (7), Drew (5), and Kevin (43).
Family: Children: Stephanie (7), Drew (5), and Kevin (43).