Helm: Kit Wallace (with wife, Patsy, above)
Club: Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
Age: 56
Crew: David Weatherston
Club: Royal Canadian YC, Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
Age: 54
Worlds Experience:
1995 – observer
Worlds Experience:
’95 – crewed with John Cawthorne, 23rd
Sailing History: I grew up in Falmouth, England with the sea at my doorstep, but didn’t start sailing till coming to Canada at the age of 10. I built a 12 ft. cat rigged collegiate dinghy as a teenager and sailed in Hamilton Harbour. I still sail her at our summer cottage near Killarney, Ontario. In ’95, I acquired W1037, joined the TS&CC, and as a result of observing the Worlds that year, was inspired to re-build my wooden boat. Ab faB (after the famous British comedy) lives up to her name I think, though in moments of anxiety her skipper compares to Edina at times! Never having raced before owning this boat, I have worked up to the middle ranks of the local Wayfarer scene (and I like to think, am getting better). I also enjoy Wayfarer cruising – this year, Kilbear will be my 3rd cruising rally.
Interestingly, I knew David at high school when we built high performance model aircraft together, and many years later reconnected with him at the TS&CC.

Sailing History: Learned to sail when Dad built a Blue Jay (baby Lightning) for the cottage at Southampton, Ontario. After a summer at junior club, held racers in contempt for decades for not understanding aerodynamics of sailing and sail trim.
Began racing in the early 80’s in C&C 34 level racing division, raced a season on 8-Metres (’85 Worlds, Rochester), another season on a C&C 38, back to 34’s for a season. Came back to dinghies with a Tasar until local fleet collapsed, so with vague memories of seeing Wayfarers at the 1965 Toronto Boat Show joined TS&CC.
Continuing Kit’s theme of British comedy, have often thought of my own role as Grommit to skipper’s Wallace (interesting coincidence of names here).
Also race our C&C 27, Towser, with my family.
When not sailing: An architect by profession – most of my work over the last six years has been in China, on large scale urban design and architectural projects. This has had the disadvantage of requiring travel to distant parts in the summer, eating into my precious sailing time!
When not sailing: Advertising copywriter – financial and technical, primarily. Used to do a lot of writing for yachting magazines; now amuse myself in the off-season by managing the C&C 27 Association’s active web site.
Family: Married in 2003 (for the second time) to Patsy who is also an architect with her own firm specializing in hospital design. Children: Yshia - 23, Rachel –17, and Jonathan - 18. Family: Married in 1987 to Susan Howson (C&C 34, J/24, C&C 27), financial advisor with Research Capital. Children: Alison, 15 (Laser, 420, C&C 27), Michael, 14 (420, C&C 27) – both wild for a 29er.