Helm: Gordon Harris
Club: Waldringfield SC
Age: 70
Crew: Emma Harris
Club: Waldringfield SC
Age: 37
Worlds Experience: 2001: 16th=
Worlds Experience: None in Wayfarers.
Sailing History: 10 years sailing Wayfarers after years of yachting.
Competed in many UK National, European and World Championships in the
previous 40 years, winning some in various dinghies and yachts.
Sailing History: brought up in International Cadet dinghies from an early age. In the winning teams at Cowes in Quarter Tonners. Now sails a Lark dinghy. Has been Lark UK National Champion as well as winning the Inland and Travellers Championships. Just coming back to sailing after becoming a mum to Aidan in 2003.
When not sailing: President of Waldringfield Sailing Club. Recently retired from 35 years of designing and manufacturing g.r.p. dinghies, yachts and commercial vehicle components, so more time for gardening, and tinkering in my disorderly shed.
When not sailing: Being a mother, and an Advertising and Promotion Company director.
Family: Married to Nicky for 43 years;
children, Ian and Emma, and 3 grandchildren.
Family: Partner Nigel,  and son Aidan 15 months.