Helm: Nick Seraphinoff
Club: Tawas Bay YC
Age: same as Uncle Al
Crew: Joe Blackmore
Age: 26
Worlds Experience:
1998: 41st
1995: 37th
1986: 41st
1983: 40th
1980: 19th
Worlds Experience:
Sailing History: Nick started his sailing dalliance in Wayfarers in 1968 and never missed a regatta until 1988. He then began dabbling in other classes such as Tartan Tens, Etchells and finally the J-22 which he still owns. As a result of all those years of devotion to sailboat racing he has  managed to reach the high end of mediocre but enjoys every minute on the water as well as the friendships formed. Since his retirement from the sheet metal contracting business he has returned to the Wayfarers and is actively racing with his grandson, Joe Blackmore.
Sailing History:  Joe is relatively new to sailing having first been exposed to racing on Nick's J-22. This year he began crewing on the Wayfarer and as a strong and fit young man took to it like a duck to water.  (Al's note: When Nick starts thinking of anyone as a duck, it's time to duck!! Highlight Nick's When not sailing to see why)
When not sailing: Nick is an avid golfer and duck hunter.

When not sailing: Joe is a journeyman electrician plying his trade in the greater Detroit area.
Family: Wife, Mary. In addition to an assortment of children and grandchildren, Nick is "father" to a number of hunting dogs.