Helm: Mike O'Malley
Club: Waldringfield SC
Age: 58
Crew: Justin Denny
Club: Waldringfield SC
Age: 23
Worlds Experience:
2001: 38th
1995: 34th

Worlds Experience:
Sailing History: Starting sailing as a crew in Fireballs and Ospreys 1976-79 and then had a break until 1990 when I started helming Wayfarers. I’ve been there ever since and having owned 3 marks of GRP’s, I am now onto a woodie.
Sailing History: Cadet sailing at Waldringfield and occasional Laser sailor. 2 years crewing in Wayfarers.
When not sailing: I’m Vice-Commodore of Waldringfield SC and in my spare time I’m an International Trade Advisor to small & medium companies in the IT and telecoms industries in the East of England.
When not sailing: Just completed an electrical engineering apprenticeship in the nuclear power industry. After the World's, Justin is starting a course that will lead him into professional sailing.
Family: Wife Linda plus daughter, Claire (24), and son, Mark (22) who are both ex-Cadet sailors that are now into Patent Law and Motorsport. Family: Mother, Brother and sister.