Helm: Dave Hansman
Club: Maple Leaf Club
Age: 50
Crew: Charles Hansman
Club: Maple Leaf Club
Age: 78
Worlds Experience:  None yet.  This status to change.
Worlds Experience: No “Worlds” experience, but has a world of experience!
Sailing History: Dave was first in a sailboat in the ‘60s when he crewed for his Dad (see below) to challenge the Trout Lake Wayfarer fleet.  His main role was to tighten the jib sheet when coming about and stay out of the way the rest of the time.  Dave’s first sailboat of his own was a Laser II in which he and his trapeze artist son frequented Trout Lake and Lake Nipissing near North Bay and Parry Sound (Kilbear) during the late ‘80s.  The Laser II was “traded up” to a Wayfarer (W2178) in the early ‘90s, which has been used in local races and was in the line-up for the International Rally at Kilbear in 1995.  Dave spent a day sailing with Frank Dye after discovering him camping in his Wayfarer in Snug Harbour on Georgian Bay.  Dave also owns a Laser I that he still uses to chase windsurfers on Trout Lake (any sail is competition), and in the fall of 2003 he acquired W282 which he has been re-finishing and re-fitting to appear in the Worlds. Sailing History: Introduced to sailing in a ’50s Y-Flyer owned by his father, Charlie has “lived” sailing for five decades; the more challenging the weather, the better he likes it!  In the ‘60s, Charlie regularly raced his International class 14 ft. against the original Trout Lake fleet which consisted mainly of Wayfarers.  By the ‘70s, he had caught big boat fever and did extensive cruising in the Great Lakes through to the early ‘90s in a sailboat he built and with others.
When not sailing: To pay for his hobbies, Dave works in a senior management position for an international underground mine contracting and engineering company based in North Bay.  During his 30-year career, he has traveled extensively in Canada, the USA and internationally, visiting and/or working in 24 countries in the process.  He lived in Chile for 2 years, 1999-2001.  Dave is a Level 3 ski instructor and racing coach, and was technical director at the two local ski areas for more than 10 years.  In the ‘70s, fresh out of Mining School, friends introduced Dave and his wife, Carol, to the appreciation of wine which, connected to the opportunities to travel, has developed more fully.  Dave rides his 1100 cc Suzuki whenever he can (but not after wine!), and is known to spend time trying to get a handle on the game of bogie “flog”.
When not sailing: An avid birder, camper, skier and pool table shark, Charlie maintains his home, gardens and maple sugar bush on 117 acres of land near Powassan, Ontario.  He is an energetic fellow who, with his very patient life-partner Shirley, has traveled extensively around North America and overseas, including bicycling trips in Europe.  He is regularly seen zipping around the Powassan area on his classic Honda motorcycle.   Charlie brews his own beer and enjoys the conversations that go along with it, especially sailing conversations.  He is a retired electrical commission employee and an active member of his church.

Family: Dave and Carol have been married for over 30 years, have two children (both teachers) and two grandchildren.
Family: Charlie has been married for 55 years, has four children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.