Len Macdougall
W6732 and as lovely a human being as you'd ever want to meet

On 5 Jan 12, W6732, Len Macdougall of the CWA's Fanshawe Fleet in London, Ontario, passed away. Len was a lovely, sweet person and yet had tons of character. He was always fun to be with and sail with. I will often fondly remember him -  perhaps most gleefully at that cold, windy Pumpkin a few years ago when Len and I were sitting at the docks below the chalet and watched as a particularly nasty gust lifted the superstructure off the anchored and unattended RC raft and dropped it into the lake. While I found the whole scene vastly amusing and rushed to grab the camera, Len came as close to profanity as I ever saw him as he berated the fools who had failed to tie it down as instructed. Turns out Len had spent huge hours creating the now sunken superstructure. We'll miss you, Len!!  Love, Uncle Al (W3854)

Len (W6732) and long-time crew, Andy Turnbull, in 2009 Pumpkin action at his beloved Fanshawe YC.

W6732 MacTack was a featured performer in our famous W promo film
created by John and Joan Goldi (W1320).

Len (r) in the FYC chalet after the 2009 Pumpkin Regatta

Len remembered by fellow-Wayfarers:

From: Scott Town W9239
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 2:02 PM
Subject: Len

Dear Al,

As you probably are aware, our mutual friend and competitor Len Macdougall has passed. 

Len and I had a very unusual relationship, insomuch as he needed to know the exact reason(s) as to why a sailboat went fast.  I of course knew no other reason than that you had to practise ... When I did certain things we fast and when we did not....

I will very much miss Len as a friend, a competitor and a guy who I know I drove crazy because I could not explain why a sailboat went fast.... But he could always explain why I was slow!!!   And the worst part, he was right.... Too much weight in a Wayfarer (probably why my brother and I called our boat "Two Tonnes of Fun"...)

I will miss the wonderful lunches, the songs and poems he recited to my wife while sailing.

The expression "get the pickle out" will be for ever etched in my mind.
Fair winds Len.....

Scott Town

From: John & Dolores de Boer W7351
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 9:16 PM
Subject: Leonard Dunbar (Len) Macdougall - Obituaries - London, ON

Hi Al, This is the Obituary notice of our Dear friend Len Macdougall in today's London Free Press


From: Jens Sharon Biskaborn W7663
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 10:23 AM
Subject: a sad loss for Fanshawe YC

Hi Al,

Thought you would want to know about Len. He will certainly be missed by all of us at FYC.