Geoff Edwards - Wayfarer 9483

a few pictures to remember him by
and a tribute by George Blanchard

Edwards, Geoffrey John
Passed away peacefully, after a brief illness, on  Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at the age of 70. Predeceased by his beloved wife Catherine. Loving father of Janet (Paul) Dunphy, Susan (Alessandro) Di Pietro and Barbara Edwards. Proud grandfather of Anna Catherine and Nicholas Geoffrey Di Pietro. Survived by his sister Margaret Dureau. He will be fondly remembered by his extended family and friends. 
Tribute to Geoff Edwards (W9483)
It was an untimely shock to receive a phone call from Geoff Edwards’ daughter, Janet, that Geoff had passed away suddenly after a short illness. Geoff was a long-time active senior member of the Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, and of the Canadian Wayfarer Association.
Before joining TS&CC, Geoff and Catherine were married in 1961, and they had a lovely family of 3 daughters: Janet, Susan and Barbara for whom he proudly named his Wayfarer JANSUBAR. In 1978 they joined TS&CC with CL 16 # 285 which they enjoyed sailing together for only a short time before tragedy struck in 1979. Catherine’s sudden death was a terrible shock to family, friends and club members. But Geoffrey had great courage and carried on with his family life and sailing activities.
During his many years at the Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club and in the Canadian Wayfarer Association, many of us got to know Geoffrey as a very keen and friendly sailor, who enjoyed racing with his daughters when possible or with a club crewing member. In 1980, Geoff became Crewing Convenor on the TSCC Operating Committee. From 1992 to 1995, he was on the TSCC Board as Director of the Sailing School. Starting in 1997, Geoff operated a safety patrol boat for the Canadian Olympic Classes Icebreaker Regatta held at TS&CC annually.

He purchased Wayfarer 9483 in 1995 and joined the Canadian Wayfarer Association where he became a very active member and served as Racing Secretary and OSA/CYA Representative until his untimely death. This involved attending meetings of OSA when necessary, and also arranging prizes for all the scheduled Wayfarer events held each year. Geoff enjoyed organizing a team of CWA volunteers to help to set up and remove, each year, a fully rigged Wayfarer on our stand in the two-week Toronto Boat Show – a thankless task that he performed with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. Most of our monthly Wayfarer executive meetings were held at Geoff’s residence, where he always made us very welcome and served refreshments before committee members departed.
Geoff had a very determined and positive attitude when he organized any functions. He certainly convinced us to let him do it his way which proved to be successful. As a master delegator, Geoff early each year turned over all the prize pennants for the full season’s Wayfarer events to Al Schonborn, who attends all our local and out-of-town events.

Geoff loved racing the Wayfarer and became a very keen and determined helmsman who never gave up trying to improve his sailing skills. His daughters continued to crew with him in some of the local and out-of-town regattas, as did George Waller for many years.
We will always remember Geoff for his fine sportsmanship, warm hospitality, and willingness to help out.

George T. Blanchard
Chairman CWA.
Honorary Commodore TS&CC & CWA.
Remembering Geoff ...
... at the Midwinters on Florida's Lake Eustis:

Geoff with pick-up crew, Pat Reardon

Ted Gadd, a long-standing Wayfarer buddy of Geoff's, came all the way from England to sail the 2007 Midwinters with Geoff

Geoff was pleased with the exotic ring of the W9483 name JANSUBAR,
which people were surprised to learn is based on the names of his three beloved daughters: Janet, Susan and Barbara.
... at North Bay:

3rd place in the Cruise Race for Geoff and Barb
Geoff with pick-up crew, Jason Orton

Skippers' Meeting at the North Bay YC on Callander Bay

off the North Bay YC in Callander Bay
a breezy Lake Nipissing as Geoff and Jason do the Canada Day Race from North Bay to Callander Bay
at Mississauga SC:

... at the North Americans at TS&CC:

Geoff and daughter, Barb, with Julie Seraphinoff and her dad, Nick
Farewell, Geoff: