the 17th annual International Wayfarer Rally
Heeg to Sneek, Friesland, Holland * Fri 29 July - Fri 5 Aug
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update #2: 13 Feb 11
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Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010 3:51 PM
Subject: Invitation to the International Dutch Wayfarer Rally and Sneekweek 2011

Hi Ray, Bob, Poul, Al, Jim and Wim,
After some months of preparation, I send you on behalf of NedWA, the final Invitation to the Dutch Wayfarer Rally 29 July-5 August 2011 and/or to race in Sneek Week 6-11 August 2011.

In Dubio


As attachments you will find an Entry Form and photographs of both mothervessels (above) and the accomodations in Sneek (below).

We think we are offering an attractive program for cruisers and racers on the inshore lakes of beautiful Friesland.

Because we have to be sure early January about the expected number of participants, we ask you to publish as soon as possible the Invitation with attachments on your website, magazine or newsletter. We ask also the pre-registrants to complete the Entry Form with all details and to return.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation!
Best wishes,
Hans de Bruijne
Invitation to the
International Dutch Wayfarer Rally
29th July-5th August 2011
and/or to race in ‘Sneekweek’ 6th -11th August 2011.
The Rally will be held on the huge and charming Friesland lake and canal area and is based on the successful formula of 2006 - See Wayfarer News Autumn/Winter 2006 issue 109. The Rally starts in Heeg and finishes in Sneek to give the opportunity to take part in the famous Sneekweek. This is the biggest sailing event in The Netherlands with more than 1000 open sailing boats spread over 30-40 classes!
This time we have reserved two mother ships on which we offer two-person cabins with shower, breakfast and supper on board. The first ship is the good old In Dubio with ten two-person cabins and one family-room for five persons.  The second ship is the sailing clipper Atalanta also with ten two-person cabins and the same comfort. We have already received pre-registrations from twenty-six people and the proposed second ship raises the capacity to forty-five persons in total. So book now to avoid disappointment!
Cruise Program:
Because the In Dubio is based in Heeg, she will be available for boarding from 6 pm on the evening of Friday the 29th July. The Atalanta’s home port is Lelystad and has first to sail eight hours to Heeg; so she will be ready for boarding on the evening of Saturday the 30th from 6 pm. Both vessels will remain in Heeg for the week-end to give the cruisers the opportunity to arrive on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Heeg is a splendid base for day-sailing trips to Gaastmeer, Oudega, Galamadammen or Workum. On Sunday 31st it is planned for everyone to gather aboard the large sailing ship Atalanta for a sailing trip on the lake Heegermeer and Fluessen and to finish Sunday-evening with a welcome-dinner ashore.
Depending on wind and weather the provisional program is to sail on Monday to the nice town of Sloten where we will stop for lunch. We will then continue on to Langweer where both vessels will be waiting for us with drinks and supper. Tuesday the planned sail is to Goingarijp for coffee, Terherne for lunch and finally to Akkrum to our vessels at the Wijde Ee. On Wednesday the vessels will stay on the Wijde Ee while we explore the Nature reserve Park at Princenhof (Eernewoude). On Thursday we sail for Sneek, where the vessels will be waiting for us. Friday the Rally ends. The Atalanta  has to depart Friday at 10 am back to Lelystad to be in time for the next booking. The In Dubio stays till Sunday-evening, so we can store the luggage of the Atalanta guests there and sail the whole day on lake Sneekermeer.  During the day the departing cruisers can taxi together to Heeg – a short distance - to pick up their trailers and retrieve their boats at a slipway in Sneek.
Sneekweek Program:
Sneekweek starts Saturday 6th August and ends Thursday 11th August.
2011 is the 76th Sneekweek with 30-40 mostly traditional classes. There is one race per day of 2-3 hours duration and great fun with beer and music afterwards. It will be the first time the Wayfarer class has taken part as the newest recognized Dutch class in Sneekweek - with so many sailors and the attendance of the press and TV present, this provides a unique opportunity to promote the Wayfarer class in The Netherlands.
To stay overnight as group, NedWA has booked a holiday farm ‘t Boothuis 1.5 miles sailing to the race-area and at a distance of two kilometres from the centre of the city of Sneek.
The accommodation offers a private harbour, big dining-room, use of kitchen, bar, BBQ hut, terraces, mini-camping for a maximum of twenty tents or campers and five sleeping-rooms for four persons each. The fee for sleeping inside or camping with use of all facilities is the same price including a self-service breakfast and lunch-package.
A complication is that all the facilities of ‘t Boothuis are only at our disposal from Sunday 8 pm till Friday 10 am. We have solved this logistical problem by booking In Dubio till Sunday evening and to be allowed to use the mini-camping only facilities from Friday evening. Therefore on Friday the cruisers participating in Sneekweek can stay on In Dubio or move to the mini-camping site. The leaving cruisers will say farewell on Friday afternoon and the new racers arrive during Friday and board for two nights on In Dubio or camp at the mini-camping site. The registration for the races is on Friday afternoon. On Sunday-evening the guests of In Dubio move to ‘t Boothuis. In Dubio will be moored in the neighbourhood of ‘t Boothuis.  On Friday 12th  August 10 a.m. we have to leave ‘t Boothuis and the mini-camping site and say farewell after one or two weeks splendid sailing on the inland lakes of beautiful Friesland!
Because  the most of the payments for In Dubio, Atalanta and ‘t Boothuis have to be made by early January, we have to be sure before then about the expected number of participants.
Until 31st December 2010 (or sooner if the capability cut-off of 45 persons is reached), Rally Entry will cost € 450 p.p. , and ‘t Boothuis/mini-camping  € 120 p.p.
As of 1st January 2011, even if space remains available, the costs rise: for the Rally € 500 p.p. and for ‘t Boothuis/mini-camping € 140 p.p.
The Rally fees are inclusive of bed linen and five days full board of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The fee for ‘t Boothuis/mini-camping includes a seven-day self-service breakfast and lunch package.
The entry fee for the Sneekweek is € 12,50/day.
NedWA will arrange a collective entry for all Wayfarers, so mention your interest on the attached entry form.
For more information contact debruijne.hans@gmail.com