International Rally 2011
a few little known Rally-related facts
by Ton Jaspers (W10445)

From: Ton
Cc: Al Schonborn ; Richard Harrington
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 5:44 PM
Subject: Adventures in the Netherlands

A Falcon (Valk) is 6.5 meters long. Throw this into google translate:
The latter site shows something new and unique for a Dutch class association. The falcon class association has,  for the first time in history, organised a cruising rally. Guess where they got the inspiration from? Click here.

A fun fact: The Falcon was the first boat ever to be built in plywood. Back in 1939, Cees Bruynzeel, the inventor of plywood, asked Ricus van der Stadt to design a yacht that would prove the quality of his new product. This became the Falcon. Later van der Stadt designed the Sea Falcon for Bruynzeel, the first sea-going plywood yacht. After Bruynzeel proved the quality of his product by making several ocean voyages in his yacht "Sea Falcon", other designers gave the product a try, too, amongst them English designer, Ian Proctor. So in a way the Falcon is the mother of the Wayfarer and of many other offspring.

I have attached some pictures from the commercial web-site of Atalanta and In Dubio. Maybe they can support the reports in showing the ships' accomodation? The shipping company of Atalanta also has a video on YouTube:

Some more fun facts

About bridge tolls. Only small municipal bridges charge toll. But since you guys took the scenic route you met a lot if not all the small municipal bridges. The main reason for this toll is to entice sailors to take the main shipping routes such as the Princess Margriet Canal, and not to disrupt traffic in the villages. Bridges in county and national roads, the vast majority, are free of charge. Another fun fact is that, by law, ships have right of way over road traffic (the water was there before the road, ships have no breaks, etc.) Lately the law has changed for too many times a single yacht would shut down what Americans would call a six lane interstate highway. The solution: allow the bridges to open at set times. It proved too tough to change the laws about shipping rights. Anyway, the toll does not help as all pleasure yachts rather sail the scenic routes and are prepared to pay the toll. So much for Dutch logic.....

The stalling engine. It is because it was just serviced. I had it running perfect before service.  What happens is the idle adjustment is made in a garage at room temperature without allowing the engine to properly warm up. Then outdoors, after the engine properly heats up it stalls when idling. I can't get it through the thick headed skulls of these mechanics that they should not alter my idle setting, aaaahhrrggg!

The Wayfarer song is written to a 1918 tune called Ja-da (;pages=3;range=0-2). It is one of a few basic Jazz themes that is improvised on by many famous Jazz artists. A very well known American pop song was also based on the Ja-da theme: "Keep on Truckin' mama"  (Check it out on Google or YouTube). You have to listen to the original 1919 recordings here:

Best wishes, Ton

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