the 14th Annual International Wayfarer Rally
Hermit Island, Maine * August 9-16, 2008
Looking back and ahead: Ralph et Gilles

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Hi Dick,

I concur with Al that your message is a fine summary of the Maine rally, which ranks alongside the best of all the other memorable international rallies that we have had in the past. It was, as ever, extremely well organised, and you and Tom, as well as the other 'behind the scenes' helpers are to be congratulated for this.
In order to tempt as many as possible to put the date of 2nd to 9th Aug 2009 in next year's diary for Gilles' International rally in Brittany, I print below some of Gilles initial preparations for the event. Having already sailed with Gilles on a rally he previously orgainsed in Paimpol a number of years back, it is not dissimilar from sailing in Maine - though instead of the Lobster pots, there is a far greater rise and fall of the tide - but not quite as extreme as the Bay of Fundy!

Best wishes, Ralph
I have been in contact with François (a friend of Gilles, and manager of a sailing school on the Trieux River) and he is very happy to wecome us on his nautic base. He will put in a special mooring line for 10 boats and he will make place for us to anchor the others. I been in contact with the camping farm and they will reserve the whole place for ourselves, with the possibility for those who want more comfort to reserve "Gites" on the place as they have about 5 gites to rent.
The date of the rally will have to be from the Sunday 2nd August until 9th August. The main reason is the tides which are perfect for us this week as we need to have the current with us to leave the Trieux River.The week after won't be possible with the currents, as it is not really possible to fight against it in this place as you might remember. 
Another reason is because there is a special event in Paimpol  the 7,8  and 9 of August , " Les Chants de marins" which is a main event in the region. It is 3 days of Sailor songs music happening in the port and welcomes singer sailors from all around the world. (See the web site of the last event, with the new poster for 2009). The harbour is closed during the 3 days, welcoming just old boats, it's really a great thing. And François wanted to include our Wayfarer fleet to the event, as guests. So we coud sail the boat in the harbor on Friday, leave the boats for the night, and sail back to the Trieux River on Saturday.   

Gilles Bruneau